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Industrial Graphic Solutions Designed to Meet Your Sophisticated Markings Needs. EXPECT MORE FROM MUIR..

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1 Industrial Graphic Solutions Designed to Meet Your Sophisticated Markings Needs. EXPECT MORE FROM MUIR..

2 Getting the most out of your DECAL Webinar Presentation by Tobbias Day, Director of Quality Management May 18, 2011

3 About us Industrial Graphic Solutions Provider 40 years of service Serving clients such as Caterpillar Inc., Blue Bird Bus Corporation, Flink, Qwest and Verizon Family owned One-stop shop Process expertise Accreditations (CAT cert) About Us

4 AGENDA Why is This Important Terms and Definitions Specifying Appropriate Materials Best Practices Film Storage Best Practices Surface Preparation Best Practices Application Best Practices Cleaning & Caring Best Practices Review – Q&A

5 Introduction Industrial Graphics Best Practices Specifying Requirements Application Maintenance Why is this important to you?


7 Terms & Definitions Tools, Materials and Processes: Film (aka Decal, Label, Sticker) adhesive-backed substrate (typically vinyl or polycarbonate) with graphics printed on one side Premask a thin adhesive-backed paper sheet applied to the front surface of a film to protect it during shipping and application Release Liner a slick paper sheet applied to the back side of films to protect the adhesive until the film is applied

8 Terms & Definitions

9 Tools, Materials and Processes: Pre-masked, Pre-spaced Films A film constructed of film, premask, and release liner where specific areas of release liner are void of the vinyl graphic. Squeegee a flexible flat plastic tool used to firmly press films onto application surfaces RapidTac an alcohol-based liquid used to aid in applying larger films on difficult surfaces

10 Pre-masked, Pre-spaced Films

11 Squeegees & RapidTac


13 Specifying Appropriate Materials Key Benefits: Costs down / Performance up Keeping Specifications up-to-date No sacrificing cost-savings for material brand recognition

14 Specifying Appropriate Materials Tips & Techniques: Understand various substrates available Know the difference between brand names and product names Discuss quality and costs options with graphics supplier Use the term “or equivalent”


16 Film Storage Key Benefits: Prevent future quality issues Limit loss of discarded decals Meet and/or exceed lifespan of decal per warranty

17 Film Storage Tips & Techniques: Ensure films are: Stored flat Stored in plastic bags Do not store films in direct sunlight, moist or dirty conditions, or temperatures above 100°F (38°C). Inspect films prior to use


19 Surface Preparation Key Benefits: Significant impact on the durability of your film Prevent bubbling (air pockets) of decal Prevent adhesion issues

20 Surface Preparation Tips & Techniques: Surface Material Curing Painted surfaces must be fully cured prior to film installation. Outgassing can cause bubbles to form underneath a film. Remove the film and reapply another film.

21 Surface Preparation Tips & Techniques: Surface Texture Visually inspect the surface to ensure it is: Free of rust No corrosion No weld spatter, paint drips, or runs Beware of severe orange peel

22 Surface Preparation Tips & Techniques: Surface Temperature Install at a surface temperature between 40°F (4°C) and 90°F (32°C). A Heat gun can be used to heat a surface that is too cold. Higher temperatures can making the installation process more difficult by making it harder to reposition the film. The correct surface temperature should be maintained for at least an hour after film installation.

23 Surface Preparation Tips & Techniques: Surface Cleanliness Pressure wash surfaces caked in heavy dirt, dust or grime. Soap and water should NOT be sued as a cleaning agent Use Degreasing agent to remove heavy oils or greases. 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water or Rapid Tac application fluid for all surfaces.

24 Surface Preparation


26 Application Techniques Key Benefits: Proper training of application techniques can: reduce scrap at the line Reduce issues reported from the field

27 Application Techniques Some specifics: For large pre-masked, pre-spaced films: Squeegee the liner backing with special attention to the vinyl graphic areas. Slowly remove liner at a 180 degree angle Spray decal application fluid on surface and decal’s adhesive side.

28 Application Techniques Some specifics: For all films: Even Pressure across the film for full contact of the adhesive to the application surface Do not use your hands to apply this pressure to films Removed and repositioned if necessary Remove pre-mask at a 45 degree angle. Wipe the decal and surrounding area removing excess fluid and any streaks. - - 48 hours for full cure.


30 Cleaning and Aftercare Key Benefits: Avoiding any lifting of the edges or other damage to the films that may occur during final cleaning of the equipment. Avoid damage to the finish of the films Enhance the brand perception

31 Cleaning and Aftercare Common Equipment Cleaning techniques to consider: Hand Washing Power Washing Washing with a Brush

32 Cleaning and Aftercare Some specifics: Hand Washing Clean, lint-free cloth or shop towel and a wet solution with a pH value between 3 and 11 which contains no abrasive material or solvents. RapidTac is an acceptable cleaning solution. Do not use Windex or other ammonia-based cleaners. Power Washing Continual spraying of water lessens the adhesion of the film to the machine allowing the film to lift or curl. Washing with a Brush Brushes can catch a loose edge of the film. Brushes can damage the finish of the film.

33 Review Best Practices Specifying Appropriate Materials Film Storage Surface Preparation Application Techniques Cleaning and Caring for Installed Films

34 Contact Us Muir Omni Graphics 908 W. Main Peoria, IL 61606 My email: p: (309) 673-7034 f: (309) 673-7035 Contact Us


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