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Unit 2: Caring for Clothing

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1 Unit 2: Caring for Clothing
Family and Consumer Sciences I

2 Objectives 1. Arrange in order laundry steps. 2. Use fabric care symbols. (Assignment Sheet 1) 3. Determine sorted laundry loads. (Assignment Sheet 2)

3 Objectives 4. Determine stain removal treatments. (Assignment Sheet 3) 5. Match laundry products to their correct uses. 6. Identify methods of drying clothes. 7. Select tips that help in ironing and pressing clothing.

4 Key Terms spray sizing restores original body to fabrics without leaving a stiff feeling spray starch starch in spray form used for ironing clothing starch used to give body to fabrics and keep them clean longer

5 Laundry Steps Always check the label before you wash an item, to avoid damaging your clothes! Sort the clothes. Dry cleaning Hand-washing Machine-washing

6 Laundry Steps Group clothes by: Color Fabric and fabric finish
Soil type

7 Laundry Steps Prepare clothes for laundering Close zippers or hooks
Empty pockets Turn clothes inside out Tie loose ties or attached belts

8 Laundry Steps Check for needed repairs Pretreat soiled areas
Stains are easier to remove before they’re washed Select a wash cycle Choose the amount of water and the type of wash you’re doing

9 Laundry Steps Select the appropriate water temperature
Hot (140 degrees F) Sturdy whites; heavily soiled durable press; work & active sports clothes; diapers; sheets; towels; throw rugs

10 Laundry Steps Warm (100-110 degrees F)
Lightly soiled durable press; wash and wear; non-colorfast colors; synthetics; colorfast pastels

11 Laundry Steps Cold (80 degrees F)
Delicate colors and fabrics; very lightly soiled table linens; washable silks and woolens

12 Doing the Laundry Select a detergent and other laundry aids
NOTE: Add the detergent to the water before the clothes, unless there is a special compartment for the laundry aids Load clothes into the machine Do not overload the machine Dry the clothes Press or iron, if needed

13 Laundry Products All-purpose/all-temperature detergent
General laundry, normal soil At-home dry-cleaning kit Saves money over commercial dry cleaning Bleach Whitens, removes stains, disinfects Liquid or powder

14 Laundry Products Color-safe bleach Delicate detergent Enzyme presoak
Safe for colors Removes stains Delicate detergent Delicate colors, synthetics, light soil Perfect for sweaters or gentle cycle wash Enzyme presoak Presoak before washing for difficult stains

15 Laundry Products Fabric softener Pretreatment products Softens clothes
Prevents static cling Pretreatment products Liquid, solid, or powder May be needed for difficult stains

16 Laundry Products Soap For mild cleaning Usually made from animal fat
Keeps clothes flame-retardant

17 Drying Clothes Flat drying Line drying Machine drying
Flat surfaces prevent shrinking and loss of shape Roll in a towel to absorb moisture first Line drying Hang delicates inside Outdoor line drying is good for large items Saves money Machine drying

18 Ironing and Pressing Take clothes out of the dryer right away
Read clothing labels Use a damp press cloth or spray the item Give the iron time to heat up Make sure you have plenty of water Use item with lowest heat setting first Use the tip of the iron to work in small areas.

19 Unit Review What are the 7 steps (in order) for sorting laundry?
What are the three groups clothes should go into prior to laundering? List 5 things you should do to prepare clothes for laundering. What are the advantages of an at-home dry cleaning kit?

20 Unit Review Other than for whitening clothes, what is bleach used for?
What laundry product is used to remove difficult stains before washing? Why might you want to use soap for mild cleaning? What are three methods of drying clothes? What are some tips for ironing and pressing?

21 End of Unit 2

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