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Hitler Youth Propaganda

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1 Hitler Youth Propaganda
“He alone who owns the youth, gains the Future!”

2 Today’s Boys and Girls are Tomorrow’s Soldiers …
1930s: Adolf Hitler trained and turned the youth in Germany into “good Nazis” Children marched through the street and terrorized townspeople Learned how to fight and advocated for Hitler “Tattle tales”: Turned their backs on those who did not uphold Nazi agenda (even their own parents!)



5 Hitler knew the minds of children could be shaped like clay.
"If an adult says 'I will not come over to your side' I will calmly answer 'your child belongs to us already.' What are you? You will pass on!"

6 The “Big Father” He took over their upbringing, education and leisure time He warned parents that interference or failure to cooperate would result in imprisonment or having their children sent to other Nazi homes to be reared.

7 He wrecked the German school system
He cared nothing about reading, writing or arithmetic “I do not want an intellectual education. I want young people who will grow up to frighten the world... arrogant, violent, unafraid, cruel youth who must be able to suffer pain. Nothing tender and weak must be left in them."

8 Schools were turned into Nazi training centres; all courses were “Nazi-fied”
Jewish teachers and professors were fired Some students were so brainwashed that they turned on their anti-Nazi parents Brainwashing…..



11 A Typical School Scene in Nazi Germany
- At the front of the class, a picture of Hitler. - Salute the picture at least 10 times a day - Lunch: Prayer to the “Fueher” thanking him for the food - Teachers had to swear to make students into Nazis (under oath). “MEIN KAMPF”

12 Youth Groups Hitler Youth – boys 6 – 18
- After 1936, all boys had to be a part of the organization. - They attended military camps trained to be soldiers, studied the Nazi philosophy and swore an oath to Hitler. - "Blood and Honour" upon graduation and a diploma from the Hitler youth

13 League of German Maidens - girls 10-18
- They wore uniforms, went backpacking on long marches and learned survival techniques. “Proper Nazi mothers” “It is your duty to bear children for the fatherlands! The Fueher wills it! Marriage is unimportant'“ As a result many young teenagers became mothers

14 Anti-Jewish Views Hitler blamed the Jews for many of Germany's social problems.  Jewish families "shown the door" in his society. Jews and their families were made to take the blame for any problems that Germany faced Public persecutions helped Hitler to control his youth.

15 Key Points in Hitler Youth Propaganda:
Hitler used his image as a father figure Hitler used an organized program to keep the kids occupied Hitler made certain that children were kept as ignorant as possible Hitler used the Jews as a focus of blame Hitler used a propaganda program Hitler wrote books and other propaganda materials to promote his views

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