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Fascism Rises in Europe

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1 Fascism Rises in Europe
Section 3 Ch.31

2 Fascism a militant political movement that emphasizes loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader. Fascists believed in an extreme form of nationalism; loyalty is pledged to the leader. In each fascist state uniforms of a certain color were worn, special salutes used, and mass rallies were held.

3 Fascism in Italy Italians were unhappy about failure to get more territory from the Treaty of Versailles, rising unemployment and inflation. The democratic gov. seemed unable to deal with these problems.

4 Mussolini Takes Control
Benito Mussolini founded the Fascist Party in 1919. He promised to revive the economy and rebuild the armed forces. As conditions worsened, Mussolini’s popularity grew.

5 Mussolini Takes Control
In Oct. 1922, 30k Fascist marched on Rome and demanded that King Victor Emmanuel II put Mussolini in charge. After widespread violence and an uprising, Mussolini took power. He soon became known as IL Duce (the leader). He immediately outlawed all other political parties, jailed his opponents, and abolished democracy.





10 The Rise of the Nazis After WWI, Hitler moved to Munich and joined a small political party. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) or Nazi for short.

11 The Rise of the Nazis Adolf Hitler soon became the party leader or der Fuhrer. Hitler wrote his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) while in prison after a failed attempt to topple the government in 1923.

12 Hitler’s Beliefs and Goals
Germans were a master race. All non-Aryans (Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies) were inferior. The Treaty of Versailles was an outrage. Germany was overcrowded and needed more lebensraum.

13 Hitler Becomes Chancellor
The Nazis became the largest political party by In 1933, conservative political leaders advised President Paul von Hindenburg to name Hitler chancellor.

14 Hitler Becomes Chancellor
The Nazis now had a majority and Hitler called for new elections. Six days before the elections, fire destroyed the Reichstag, which Hitler blamed on the Communists.

15 Hitler Becomes Chancellor
Hitler banned all other political parties. In 1934, the SS arrested and murdered hundreds of Hitler’s enemies. This action and the terror by the Gestapo scared most Germans into total obedience. Hitler took control of every aspect of German society.








23 Hitler has Total Control
Propaganda became important for keeping control in Hitler’s Germany. No person or organization was allowed to criticize the government. Organizations such as the Hitler Youth and League of German Girls were set up for schoolchildren.





28 Hitler Makes War on the Jews
Anti-Semitism was a key part of Nazi ideology. Nazis used Jews as scapegoats for all of Germany's problems after WWI. Kristallnacht- 9 Nov. 1938, Nazi mobs attacked Jews in their homes and on the streets and destroyed Jewish-owned businesses and buildings.








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