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Notice to all school children The proper education of children is a key component to the success to any nation Girls will now be able to benefit from a.

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1 Notice to all school children The proper education of children is a key component to the success to any nation Girls will now be able to benefit from a range of child care and domestic courses Boys will have special physical training- this will be one the main focuses of education. History is currently being mistaught and the content will change- you will learn about the glory of your country and the way the country was stabbed in the back in 1918 Children will be encouraged to join healthy and respectable activities outside of school There will be no more study of religion in school- this time will be replaced by physical activities and ideology- the study of the party’s ideals. Your loyalty lies with the Fuhrer Science will now be known as race and Eugenics studies. Any children that don’t conform or wear there uniform wrong will be entered into a ‘correction’ programme All children are to have their noses measured. Girls with noses longer than 5 cm and boys of more than 6.5 cm will be referred to the Racial Purity Board. Above all- children and teachers will be completely obedient in all aspects!!!

2 LO: How did the Nazis try to control and win support from the Youth and with what success? watch?v=WEghwtj1lSU&pl aynext=1&list=PLB30CB77 41336CCBB watch?v=WEghwtj1lSU&pl aynext=1&list=PLB30CB77 41336CCBB Watch the clip- the clip is of a Hitler Youth rally What does it suggest to you about 1.Youth support for Hitler? 2.Why the youth were important to the Nazis?

3 Youth The youth were important to Hitler- they were the future of the Third Reich He wanted to mould them into loyal and unquestioning supporters In his bid to do this he controlled Education and young people’s free time by encouraging them to join the Nazi youth organisations Task: Read pp.283 What were the aims of Nazi Youth policy and education? Use the sources and the text Ensure you explain them

4 Aims of Nazi Youth Policy To brain wash them into believers To create loyal supporters who were unquestioning To teach them Nazi values (hatred of the Jews, lebensraum) To train the youth- boys into good soldiers, girls into good mothers To control them- spend all their leisure time with the Nazi’s= control To control and spy on families To make them good Germans and Nazi’s

5 How did the Nazi’s use the education of children? Look at p.283 What were the aims/purpose of education? Methods (what did they learn?) Consequences: (regime and children) Use examples from the sources to support your answers

6 The Hitler Youth Movements Education wasn’t the only way to control the Youth The Nazi’s banned all other youth organisations- they set up the Hitler Youth for boys and the League of German Maidens for girls These were designed to entertain (camping, rallies- lots of entertainment) to create fit strong healthy soldiers and mothers and loyal supporters that could be controlled. Look at source 28 and 31 on p.284. were the Nazis successful in winning support?


8 Typical members of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend, HJ)

9 League of German Maidens

10 Example activities from the Hitler Youth Orgs. What is the purpose of such activities?

11 You had to swear an oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer Hitler Youth Facts You experienced outdoor activities such as hiking and camping By 1939 there were 7.3 million members of The Hitler Youth The Hitler Youth Law was passed in 1936 and stated that all youths should belong to the Hitler Youth. Joining the Hitler Youth became compulsory in 1939 The aim of the BDM was to prepare girls for motherhood- to make them good Nazi women (no make up, smoking, healthy) as well as practical domestic tasks The aim of the HJ was to prepare boys for military service and to be strong future leaders of Germany- if they were good enough some would be recruited into the SS Emphasis in the HJ and BDM was placed upon physical fitness, group activities and obedience to the Nazi Party At 14 girls joined the League of German Girls - BDM By 1932 there were 108,000 members of The Hitler Youth

12 1932 108,000 1934 3.6 million 1936 5.4 million 1938 7.0 million 1939 7.3 million Figures showing membership of the Hitler Youth How do you account for the rapid growth in membership of the Hitler Youth? It may be worth noting that the total number of 10-18 year olds in Germany in 1939 was 8.9 million. What does this tell you?

13 Many young people liked the feeling of importance – the uniform, the respect, the adoration… Lots of youths wanted to listen to Jazz, try out new fashions and hair styles, smoke and drink alcohol. All of these activities were banned in The Hitler Youth Many young people enjoyed the excitement of the HJ – camping, hiking, weapons training… Alternative youth groups sprang up across Germany – e.g. The Edelweiss Pirates, The Navajos Gang, The Kittelbach Pirates… Many youths disliked the strict regimentation – being told what to do and when to do it Alternative youth groups ambushed Hitler Youth patrols and beat them up. Some girls resented the fact that they were ‘trained’ to be housewives and mothers at such a young age. Lots of youths resented the fact that their old clubs and youth groups were banned How did young people within Germany react to the HJ?

14 What is the purpose of this poster produced in 1936? “Come and build youth hostels and homes”

15 What about the groups that didn’t agree? Look at p.285 There were some teenagers that resented the Hitler Youth Swing Movement Edelweiss Pirates For each Why did they rebel? What did they do? What happened to them?

16 What were the main features of Nazi education from 1933? (4) Explain the aims of Nazi policies towards children after 1933? (6) How successful was the Nazi regime in winning the support and loyalty of the youth in Germany 1933-45? (10)

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