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Simple to use, Rapid to implement, Cost effective

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1 Simple to use, Rapid to implement, Cost effective
Product Overview Simple to use, Rapid to implement, Cost effective Steve Tattum Product Manager Sage ERP X3

2 Systems of Differentiation
ERP – Next generation Systems of Innovation Sentiment Analysis Open Innovation Submission Box iPhone App Product Review Droid App Facebook Presence Recommendations Engine Systems of Differentiation Customer Service Processes & Systems R&D & product development Systems & Processes Configurator Systems of Record Customers Products Suppliers Orders 2 I Date Title of the Presentation 2

3 Trends and needs for ERP in midmarket 2009 - 2013
Top Drivers for ERP Strategies Best in class performance Sage ERP X3 delivers this by Extensive dashboards, portals & other enquiry & reporting tools allowing drill down Standardised ERP implementation across the global enterprise Workflow & event management to enhance notifications to decision makers Automated processes to reduce time and workload Reduce Time & Cost Streamline & accelerate business processes Optimise the use of current capacity Interoperate across locations Standardise business processes Provide visibility across functions & departments Cope with increasing complexity Improve Customer Experience Link global operations for better collaboration Increase agility & responsiveness 360° visibility This view (Aberdeen), dated August 2009, shows the key drivers for ERP. These have consistently been at the top of business agenda for the ~ 5 years. Reducing time and cost , accelerating business processes, make the user more aware of the result of their actions, increasing the agility of the company, are the major trend for the companies in difficult times. An interesting point is here the actions required in an ERP system, and delivered fully in X3:- increase the 360° visibility through dashboards, portals, reporting tools, BI ; standardise the implementation across the enterprise ; help the decision makers through alerts and workflows. 3 Source Aberdeen

4 Customer profile Sage ERP X3 best serves businesses ranging from 100 to 5,000 employees, and manages more than 2,000 users > 3,000 customers worldwide rely on Sage ERP X3 for their daily operations.

5 Sage ERP X3 Simple to use Rapid to Implement Cost Effective
Simplify your ERP experience! International ERP solution for mid-market companies by design End-to-end process integrity and data consistency in your Webtop across the enterprise 360° Real-Time Business Insight Adapt roles / processes to your evolving environment, strategy and best practices Expand your reach with an open and scalable infrastructure Simple to use Rapid to Implement Cost Effective 5 5

6 Sage ERP X3, worldwide presence
53 Countries Customers Users Consultants 150 Partners

7 Extensive Functional Coverage & Integration
Finance Financial accounting Receivables and creditor accounting Payment transactions (or payment management) Cost accounting Investment accounting Controlling Consolidation Purchasing Purchase orders Material requirements Outsourcing Budget monitoring Multistage signature control Supplier enquiries Contracts Human Resources (FR) Payroll Employee management Time and activities Training Talent Management Sales Inventory commitments Open pricing Offers and contracts Delivery planning and shipping Order entry Invoicing Product configuration Returns Sales commissions Warehouse Management Dynamic location management Planning and execution of receipts Workload analysis and resource planning Preparation Orders optimisation Post-preparation tracking operations RF invoice communication CRM Call centres Contact management Warranty management Sales force automation Service orders Knowledge base Customer support Marketing campaigns Note that the HR module is not currently available for the UK. Sage Geode WMS is a fully featured, best of breed, WMS which is available stand-alone or with integrations to Sage ERP X3. This is not a big name in UK WMS solutions. Inventory RF data acquisition Multistage warehousing and site management Quality control Cost calculation Acquisition price tracing Movements and transactions Inventory control Procurement Manufacturing Technical data configuration Discrete/process manufacturing Link to weighing scales Parts lists/composition/formula management Cost calculation Quality assurance Work schedule management Capacity planning MPS/MRP 7

8 SAFE X3: A platform driven strategy
Sage ERP X3 SAFE X3 CLIENT SERVER IDE – 4GL Web Application server LDAP / Authentication DB Query Interface Import / Export Meta Data Batch BI / Reporting Administration tools X3 engine Workflow engine Windows client Thin Web Client Office Integration User portal & visual processes Customer & Partner Solutions WMS HR (France) Fixed Assets User portal & visual processes There are many reasons why Sage ERP X3 is highly cost effective. Our platform strategy delivers everything you need, there is no need to buy separate S/W, development tools, etc. and pay for integration. This platform strategy already supports several products in our portfolio and we are welcoming partners and developers to create more. The platform SAFE will evolve in order to support the latest versions of databases and operating systems : SQL server 2008 and Oracle 11G both in 64 bits Windows 2008, Red Hat 5, AIX 5.3 in 64 bits Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7, Crystal Reports 2008 HP-UX won’t be available (HP stopped the support) IDE – 4GL Web Application server LDAP / Authentication Real Application Cluster 11g 8

9 One Global View of your business Business without boundaries
Unified in 1 Folder Seamless multi-company operations Easy reporting Fast Close 360° Visibility & Control Real-Time Headquarters IT ES PT FR US UK With Sage ERP X3 V6 everything is now in one repository from the start. Reporting does not require you to re-key data or use 3rd party tools, you can have it real-time at anytime. Reduce your risks, save time gain a total view of your global business. Only expensive tier 1 ERP solutions have this architecture …. Now easy to use and fast to implement with Sage! $ 9

10 10 Example screens

11 Demonstration 11

12 Thank you More conversations on line
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