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iRequestManager for MediMizer X3

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1 iRequestManager for MediMizer X3

2 iRequestManager Highlights
Anyone can enter work requests from anywhere in the hospital Requesters are kept informed of status of work Requests can be approved by service manager before becoming work orders Requests can be sent to pagers, cell phones, or printers 2

3 iRequestManager Web Portal
Enter a work request on the web at any time When entering a work request, all fields are validated, including fields you specify as required Select Equipment and Area using interactive lists and live data Requesters can now check on the status of work requests on the web at any time Interactive Web Portal is an ASP.NET 2.0 application that runs on your IIS web server 3

4 What’s in a Work Request?

5 Web Portal Work Request List
Request List shows open Work Requests and/or recently closed Requests Request List can be filtered by Facility, Department, etc. Click on any Work Request # to view full detail form Can view just your Work Requests or requests from everyone Requesters can be limited to particular Facilities or Departments 5

6 Work Request Processing
Work Requests can be turned into work orders automatically -or- Work Requests can be approved by a service manager before being turned into work orders In addition, certain user’s requests (e.g., managers) can always be pre-approved as Work Orders

7 Work Request Printing Incoming work requests can be printed automatically as they arrive or as they are accepted Can specify a different printer for each Facility Requests are printed in a format like the printed Work Order

8 Highly Customizable Can configure what various tables and fields will be called, e.g., “Control #” could be called “Red Tag ID” Can configure which work request fields are shown and which are required Can customize instructions and other text that appears on the screen Can enter your own standard response messages to use when request accepted, closed, etc. Can put your logo on the web portal pages

9 Who can request work? Web portal now remembers information about requesters (name, phone #, address) so they don’t have to enter each time they use the request portal New users can register themselves in the web portal (optional) User can have a password to protect their login information If user forget their password, a “Forgot Password” link is available on the login page “Guest” login can be used for simple access without registering MediMizer users can also enter Work Requests Can auto-identify requesters based on their Windows login name with new Single Sign-On (SSO) feature

10 and Paging Requester can be informed of status of his/her work requests through , e.g., request accepted, completed, etc. When a Work Request is approved, it can be ed to the assigned technician and/or sent to his/her text pager or cell phone You can customize the /pager messages sent out and include desired data fields from the Work Request Uses standard SMTP or MAPI protocols to send both and text pages No longer requires modem or TAP paging protocol

11 Enhanced Security Can disable “Guest” (i.e., anonymous) login to work request web portal Can require all Requesters to register for an account Can approve applications for work request login accounts Can lock out specific requesters Can require passwords for all requesters Can set password required strength, i.e., minimum length, use of digits and punctuation, etc. Can limit Requester to just the Facilities or Departments they work in Can allow certain requesters (e.g., managers) to approve their own requests and automatically generate work orders Or eliminate the need for requester login and password by using Windows user name and single-sign on (SSO)

12 Multiple Hospitals Requesters can be limited to one or more hospitals (Facilities in MM) Each hospital can have different service managers to process the incoming work requests Hospitals can be stored in the same or different MediMizer databases Each hospital can have a different printer to print requests

13 Multiple Databases Can use multiple databases for biomed and engineering Great Deal! Buy one iRequestManager – use for both departments using MediMizer Same copy of MediMizer X3, same web server, same database server Work Requesters log into appropriate database to enter and check on work requests All data is separate in the two databases: who can request, who services, etc. Also works when biomed and engineering are in the same database

14 Legacy iRM Features Still Supported
If you have iRequestManager working with your web server, you can continue to use the existing forms without any changes Can also use legacy iRM to integrate with outside Work Request systems Can also use existing installation of the Request Client Program. Can generate new legacy request form configurations Use new Messaging Server application to put requests into MediMizer X3 SQL Server or MSDE database Use new Messaging Server to enter requests in the MediMizer X3 SQL Server or MSDE database

15 iRequestManager Web Demo
Please ask for a web demo of iRequestManager to see it in action! 15

16 Thank you for your interest in the MediMizer's iRequestManager
Use the contact page to request more information or a demonstration 16

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