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Jeopardy Changing Landscape Using Resources Biodiver- sity Challenges Miscellan- eous Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q.

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2 Jeopardy Changing Landscape Using Resources Biodiver- sity Challenges Miscellan- eous Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question from H1 The process of clearing an area to grow A single crop year after year

4 $100 Answer from H1 Monoculture

5 $200 Question from H1 Name two examples of nonrenewable Resources

6 $200 Answer from H1 Oil Gas Coal Metals

7 $300 Question from H1 What are the three examples of renewable Resources?

8 $300 Answer from H1 Crops, Water, Soils, Tree, Sunlight Energy, Wind Energy, Water Energy, Geothermal Energy

9 $400 Question from H1 What are the 3 main activities humans do That change the environment?

10 $400 Answer from H1 Agriculture Development of cities/towns Industry growth

11 $500 Question from H1 What are the requirements of sustainable Development?

12 $500 Answer from H1 1.No long term damage to soil/water/climate 2. Consume little energy as possible 3. Take into account human economic systems 4. Should survive elemental stresses

13 $100 Question from H2 Process of a farmland into a desert

14 $100 Answer from H2 Desertification

15 $200 Question from H2 This chemical was used as a pesticide on Crops but was banned in the 1970s

16 $200 Answer from H2 DDT

17 $300 Question from H2 Name 3 types of air pollution

18 $300 Answer from H2 Smog Acid Rain Greenhouse Gases Particulates

19 $400 Question from H2 Which organism would obtain the highest amount of pollutant in it?

20 $400 Answer from H2 Owl

21 $500 Question from H2 What was the cause of the Dust Bowl In the 1930s?

22 $500 Answer from H2 Poor farming practices Ex: Over farming, not rotating crops

23 $100 Question from H3 The number of different species in an area Is called

24 $100 Answer from H3 Species diversity

25 $200 Question from H3 What are 2 benefits of biodiversity?

26 $200 Answer from H3 Medicine Food Aesthetic view Services

27 $300 Question from H3 Why are invasive species bad for an ecosystem?

28 $300 Answer from H3 They can outcompete other organisms for food And space

29 $400 Question from H3 What is the goal of biodiversity conservation?

30 $400 Answer from H3 Preserve habitats and ecosystems

31 $500 Question from H3 What are 5 ways that threaten biodiversity?

32 $500 Answer from H3 Altering Habitats Pollution Hunting Climate Change Invasive Species

33 $100 Question from H4 Describes the total impact that a country Has on an ecosystem

34 $100 Answer from H4 Ecological footprint

35 $200 Question from H4 What does the ozone layer protect us from?

36 $200 Answer from H4 UV light that causes cancer

37 $300 Question from H4 This alternative to fishing helps manage Fish populations and ecosystems

38 $300 Answer from H4 Aquaculture

39 $400 Question from H4 The full name of the chemicals that were Damaging the ozone layer

40 $400 Answer from H4 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

41 $500 Question from H4 What are 2 evidences that climate change is Occurring?

42 $500 Answer from H4 Increase in surface temperature Melting of ice Increase in sea level

43 $100 Question from H5 Gray-brown haze found over large cities

44 $100 Answer from H5 Smog

45 $200 Question from H5 These two chemicals mix in the air to form Acid rain

46 $200 Answer from H5 Sulfur and Nitrogen compounds

47 $300 Question from H5 What is a negative consequence of the Industrial Revolution

48 $300 Answer from H5 Pollution and harm to the environment From the burning of fossil fuels

49 $400 Question from H5 How has the industrial revolution affected The biosphere?

50 $400 Answer from H5 Industrial revolution resulted in increase In burning of fossil fuels and increase Production of wastes.

51 $500 Question from H5 The people of this island exploited their Resources and cause the demise of their civilization

52 $500 Answer from H5 Easter Island

53 Final Jeopardy Why is agriculture beneficial for humans yet Harmful to the environment

54 Final Jeopardy Answer Lead to production of reliable food supply & Increase in health. However, destruction of area needs to occur to make the farm. Habitat Fragmentation, soil erosion, and desertification Can happen.

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