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1 High School Graduation Requirements A Parent’s Guide (Modified from NMPED Slide Show)

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1 1 High School Graduation Requirements A Parent’s Guide (Modified from NMPED Slide Show)

2 Graduation Requirements 2 1.Course Requirements 2.Assessment Requirements

3 PAPA Course Requirements 4 credits English Language Arts 4 credits Math including Algebra II or equivalent 3.5 credits Social Studies including US History and Geography, World History and Geography, Government and Economics, and 0.5 credit of NM History 3 credits Science, 2 of which must be lab sciences.5 credit Health 1 credit Physical Education 1 credit Career cluster course, workplace readiness or non-English language 7 credits Elective courses 24 Total Credits 3

4 Course Requirements 4 At least one course must be Honors (H), Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit (DC), or Distance Learning (DL). Distance Learning requires a LIVE HQ INSTRUCTOR interacting with a student from separate locations. Distance Learning is not: Online Course Credit Recovery

5 NMSA 1978 § 22-13-1-1-M Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, a student shall not receive a New Mexico diploma of excellence if the student has not demonstrated competence in the subject areas of mathematics, reading and language arts, writing, social studies and science, including a section on the constitution of the United States and the constitution of New Mexico, based on a standards-based assessment or assessments or a portfolio of standards-based indicators established by the department by rule. Assessment Requirements

6 Primary Demonstration of Competency Math, Reading, Science: Pass NMSBA Writing and Social Studies: Pass 1 End Of Course exam (EoC) for each (the EoC should be the final exam) Assessment Requirements for High School Graduation

7 Alternate Demonstration of Competency (ADC) 7 ADC: Provides additional opportunities for students to meet assessment requirements. ADCs include: EoC’s Career College Readiness (CCR) Assessments (PSAT, ACT, SAT, etc.)

8 Alternate Demonstration of Competency (ADC) If students do not demonstrate competency initially, they may use cut scores for one of the following as an ADC: » ACT » PLAN » PSAT » SAT » Accuplacer » COMPASS » IB Program » AP » EoC

9 District-Developed EoC’s Districts may develop EoC’s for any course. Follow FULL SET OF Quality Criteria and submit for approval. ntEvaluation/EOC/2013/EoC%20Quality%20Criteria%20V.1.1FINA Lpdf.pdf ntEvaluation/EOC/2013/EoC%20Quality%20Criteria%20V.1.1FINA Lpdf.pdf

10 Assessment Requirements 10 A student must attempt ALL administrations of the SBA before implementing a passing EoC or other ADC score. Students may bank passing scores proactively.

11 Graduation Exit Exam Requirements Reading and Math: New Mexico Standards-Based Assessment (NMSBA) will be administered to high school students beginning their tenth grade year (H2). The test is also required for the eleventh grade year (H3). In the traditional demonstration of competency for math and reading, students must achieve a minimum composite score of 2273 on the New Mexico SBA, with neither individual score at the beginning step. If a student meets or exceeds this requirement in tenth grade, the score is banked and the student considered passing math and reading. The student still is required to take the eleventh grade testing as a measure of school progress. If the student does not meet the requirement in tenth or eleventh grade, he/she has one more chance to take the test during the twelfth grade year (H4) during a special testing session in the fall. Students who have not met the reading and math requirement through any combination of math and reading assessments as H2, H3, or H4 can show proficiency through and Alternate Demonstration of Competency (ADC) as described in the following chart. Science: Science testing through the NMSBA must result in a score of 1138 or higher as an H3 student. If this requirement is not met, the students can use an ADC as described in the following chart Social Studies: Social Studies is not tested through the NMSBA. Instead, students must pass the End of Course Exam (EoC) or an equivalent test as described in the following chart. PAPA uses the EoC developed by the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). Writing: For writing, students demonstrate competency by passing the writing EoC developed by NMPED or an equivalent described following chart. New Mexico statutes also allow for use of a portfolio as an ADC. The guidelines for this have not been established.

12 Graduation Class Reading MathScience Social Studies Writing Waiver or Exceptions 2014 Traditional SBA Reading score nearing proficient with a combined Reading and Math score of 2273 or Reading score of 1137 SBA Math score nearing proficient with a combined Reading and Math score of 2273 or Math score or 1137 SBA score of 1138 If student completed US History during or before 2011-12 or has a College or Career Readiness (CCR) score at benchmark; No EoC exam is required. Otherwise: Pass EoC exam in US History, Economics, US Government, NM History, or World History and Geography Pass EoC exam in English 11 or 12 Or Score: ACT 18 English Comp SAT 450 Reading PSAT 49 Reading Accuplacer 109 ACT 21 Reading PLAN 17 Reading Students may use ADC only after exhausting ALL NMSBA and EoC retake options; Students on special education career or ability pathway must meet the score required by their IEP; No other waivers are available at this time. 2014 Alternate Demonstration of Competency (ADC) Pass EoC exam in English 11 Or Score: ACT 18 English Comp PLAN 15 English Comp SAT 450 Reading PSAT 50 Reading Accuplacer 85 AP Exam 3 or higher Pass EoC exam in Algebra II or Pass the Algebra II Class and Pass the Algebra I EoC. Or Score: ACT 22 Math PLAN 19 Math SAT 450 Math PSAT 50 Math AP Exam 3 or higher Or Score: Accuplacer: Elem Alg 117 or College Math 115 Pass EoC exam in Biology or Chemistry Or Score: ACT 24 Biology PLAN 21 Biology AP Exam 3 or higher Or for 2014 Graduates: Students passing a science course between 2011- 13 have met the proficiency standard.

13 Students with IEPs, 504 Plans, ELL Plans 13 Standard Pathway: meet all established cut scores with assessment accommodations. Career Pathway: IEP team can set cut scores after initial assessment. Student must meet individualized cut score on an assessment in each content area. These students have 1 additional attempt on each EoC. Ability Pathway: Take NMAPA. IEP team sets cut scores. Student must meet individualized cut score in each content area.

14 Transfer Students 14 Held to same requirements (course and assessment) as NM students. Passed an exit exam in a different state  may use passing scores for all passed subjects. Complete “Graduation Waiver” and submit to PED.

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