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Lynda Lupp Richard Maraschiello Amy Morton Adam Schott John Weiss.

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1 Lynda Lupp Richard Maraschiello Amy Morton Adam Schott John Weiss

2 Big Picture: How Does It All Connect? It’s critical that we prepare all students to graduate high school with the potential to continue their studies and grow their skills. New Graduation Requirements and Assessments: Designed to help all students, beginning with the class of 2015, demonstrate proficiency in state academic standards Complement the standards that guide instruction in Pennsylvania’s high schools Grounded in Pennsylvania’s comprehensive approach to supporting student achievement using the Standards Aligned System (SAS) portal Two-thirds of all new jobs require at least some postsecondary education

3 Graduation Requirements School district graduation policies must at least include:

4 Graduation Policy Phases PHASE ONE: Students graduating in 2015 and 2016 must demonstrate proficiency in: English Composition Literature Algebra I Biology PHASE TWO: Students graduating in 2017 and beyond must demonstrate proficiency in: Both English Composition and Literature Two of three Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry) One of two Sciences (Biology or Chemistry) One of three Social Studies (American History, Civics and Government or World History)

5 Keystones as % of Course Grade In addition to scale scores, each Keystone Exam is graded on a 100-point scale: Performance LevelPoints Below Basic0 Basic50-69 Proficient70-89 Advanced90-100

6 Recent State Board Actions Stand-Alone Option: Some districts may choose to require proficiency on a Keystone Exam as a stand-alone graduation requirement. This allows: District discretion on how to weigh the assessment in course grading – meaning that the 33% weight is not required. Districts to be deemed approved for validation requirements in a content area without having to undergo a local validation process.

7 Recent State Board Actions State Assessment Validation Advisory Committee: Task: Could the NOCTI serve as an alternative pathway to state graduation requirements? Findings: – NOCTI is a rigorous assessment for purposes of determining readiness for an occupation; – Though it is NOT aligned with academic content; – And end-of-program administration creates a very high-stakes dynamic Not a substitute, but rather a last chance

8 Local Assessments Validation Requirements: To meet the state graduation requirements all local assessments must: -Align with state academic standards -Meet rigorous expectations, comparable to those used for the Keystone Exams -Be administered to all students Validation Cost Share: For districts creating local assessments, the state will provide: -Technical assistance to help meet criteria -Half the cost of the assessment validation Validation Timeline: A detailed timeline will be available on the SAS website ( in spring

9 Project-Based Assessment A student who does not achieve proficiency on a Keystone Exam after 2 attempts will be eligible to complete a project-based assessment. Projects will be: Aligned with Keystone Exam modules Developed by the department and administered by school staff Scored by regional panels of educators

10 Guidance for IEP Teams Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) should participate in the Keystone Exam or the local assessment with accommodations as necessary immediately following completion of the related course. Students can retake the exam during any subsequent administration.

11 Guidance for IEP Teams Students with IEPs enrolled in courses designed to replace Algebra I, Biology, or Literature shall have their participation in the Keystone Exams, local assessment, or another assessment (alternate) as determined by the IEP Team. Students with IEPs not enrolled in related courses assessed by the Keystone Exams or local assessment would be required to participate in another assessment (alternate) as determined by their IEP Team.

12 Guidance for IEP Teams A student with a disability will have the same opportunity as the non-disabled student to “test out” of the course by passing a Keystone Exam and scoring “advanced” if the school district has made this allowance. The student may be awarded credit for the course without actually taking the course.

13 Consistency in Policy The revised Chapter 4 regulations maintain the same graduation requirements for students with IEPs as the prior Chapter 4 regulations. Students with disabilities who satisfactorily complete a special education program shall be granted a high school diploma. 4.24. High school graduation requirements. s4.24.html

14 Planning for 2011 and Beyond By early 2011, expect the following: 1.notice to the field about participation in the Keystone Exams, local assessment, or other local assessment (alternate) through a Penn Link. 2.statewide training on inclusion of students with IEPs in the Keystone Exams, local assessment, or other local assessment (alternate). 3.guidance documents including a revised Section IV of the IEP and annotated IEP that allows IEP Teams to select and document the appropriate assessment option.

15 Adequate Yearly Progress: The transition from the 11 th Grade PSSA to Keystones

16 Planning for 2012-13: Keystone Exams: – Algebra 1 In place of 11 th grade Mathematics PSSA – Literature In place of 11 th grade Reading PSSA – Biology* In place of 11 th grade Science PSSA *Not included in calculation for AYP

17 USDE Decisions Petition U.S. Department of Education to allow the Keystone Exams to replace the 11 th grade PSSA. Submit standards and assessment peer review packet to USDE for approval.

18 USDE Decisions Bank scores – Student’s 8 th or 9 th grade score not used for AYP until student is in 11 th grade Use scores from 2013 administration – Student’s 8 th or 9 th grade score is used in the same year the student completes the Keystone Retest – Should student’s retest score be included in AYP? – Can higher score be used for AYP?

19 Contact Us: For more information, questions, or comments about Pennsylvania’s new Graduation Requirements email

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