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The STEM Bartlett Counseling Office

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1 The STEM Academy @ Bartlett Counseling Office
High School 101 The STEM Bartlett Counseling Office

2 We Will Cover… What grade 8 students have been doing to prepare for High School transition. What is an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)? What do students need to do to graduate from High School? What is a Pathway, and how do students choose one? Which tests students will take in High School. Who do I ask for help?

3 When We Leave… Parents will have an understanding of what students need to do to graduate. Parents will have reviewed and signed the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). Parents will have signed a Pathway Selection Form. Parents will have signed their child’s Rising 9th grade registration form

4 Individual Graduation Plans
Each grade 8 student has reviewed the graduation requirements with their advisor or counselor, and created a plan to get them to graduation. This plan is found on a website called GACollege411 ( Parents can discuss this plan with the advisor or counselor if they have questions. The plan is a reflection of the graduation requirements and pathway options we will discuss.

5 GA 411 Homepage

6 High School Planning

7 In order to Graduate Students need 24 units to graduate
Credits need to be earned in specific subject areas Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service by the completion of junior year

8 Graduation Requirements
 Required Areas of  Study Units Required   English/Language Arts 4   Mathematics  Science Social Studies 3   Health and Physical Education 1 World Language 3 College Prep Pathway OR 1 CTAE Pathway (2 preferred)    CTAE (Career Technical Agricultural Education) 4 CTAE Pathway only   Electives 5 College Prep Pathway Students OR 3 CTAE Pathway Students Total Minimum Units 24

9 Core Academic Courses 9 CORE English Science Studies Social Languages
World Math Core Academic Courses 9

10 English 9th Literature & Composition 10th Literature & Composition
11th American Literature & Composition 12th grade British Literature & Composition *Honors, AP, IB, or dual enrollment course equivalents may be used 10

11 Math OR Mathematics CCGPS 9th - Coordinate Algebra
10th - Analytic Geometry 11th - Advanced Algebra 12th - Pre-Calculus or Approved 4th Option OR 9th - Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry A 10th - Accelerated Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra 11th - Accelerated Pre-Calculus 12th - AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Advanced level Mathematics course or Approved 4th Option 11

12 SCIENCE Biology Physical Science
Environmental Science, Chemistry, or another GA DOE approved Science Physics or another GA DOE approved Science *Honors, AP, IB, or dual enrollment course equivalents may be used 12

13 Social Studies World History American Government United States History
Economics *Honors, AP, IB, or dual enrollment course equivalents may be used 13

14 World Language College sequence
3 units required (of the same language) 4 recommended CTAE sequence 1 unit required 2 units recommended * While the GA Department of Education no longer requires students to complete two units of foreign language for high school graduation, the University System of GA does require the completion of two years of the same foreign language.

15 Additional Courses Health (.5) Personal Fitness (.5)
Electives to add to a minimum of 24 total units A graduation pathway helps provide cohesion to the additional electives and allows students to explore in depth an area that interests them. While the hope is that the pathway sparks a college or career interest, at a minimum students gain valuable knowledge by exploring at least one area in depth as opposed to bouncing around intro level electives in multiple areas with only surface understanding.

16 Graduation Pathways Advanced Academic – Pathway may be completed with an AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment level course in any one of the following content areas: English, mathematics, science, or social studies. World Language – Pathway may be completed with 3 units of credit in any of the language areas found in the state list of approved courses. Fine Arts – Pathway consists of sequential courses in any of the following areas: journalism, music, theater, and visual arts. (Dance, SAA only). CTAE – Pathway is completed with a cluster of specific courses in a CTAE-approved pathway.

17 Advanced Academic Pathway
Student may choose: English, mathematics, science, or social studies. Student must complete 4 required units in the core area AND Student must earn a minimum of three credits in the same world language AND Course history must also include at least one AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit in the core subject area.

18 Fine Arts Pathway Students must complete 3 sequential credits in one Fine Arts Subject. Theater Visual Arts Music (band or chorus) Journalism Dance (Savannah Arts Only)

19 World Language Pathway
Students must earn 3 sequential credits in the same World Language. Students may choose from any state approved world language. The third course may be high school credit, or reflect AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit in the selected world language.

20 CTAE Pathway Pathway is completed with a cluster of specific courses in a CTAE-approved pathway. Specific pathways are offered at each high school. (listed on back of pathway selection form) Additional CTAE pathway options are available at Woodville Tompkins. Students selecting a Woodville Tomkins pathway will take Intro to Business & Technology at their home high school then travel to WT in 10th grade for their additional pathway classes. (Students who are NOT in the specialty program located full time at WT).

21 EOC Testing End of Course exams (EOC) counts as 20% of a student’s final grade in a course. English 9 – Literature/Composition English 11 –American Literature CCGPS Coordinate Algebra CCGPS Analytic Geometry Biology Physical Science United States History Economics 21

22 Community Service Students are required to do a minimum of 20 hours of Community Service at a non profit organization of their choosing Community Service logs are available in the Counseling Office and online Must be submitted to Advisors or Counselors and include a 3 paragraph essay outlining their experience

23 Summary We have reviewed high school requirements.
We have reviewed what students have been doing to prepare for those requirements. We have provided you with tools to continue learning, exploring, and planning from home through the GACollege411 website. We need you to review and sign your child’s IGP Form, Pathway Selection Form, and Rising 9th grade registration form before leaving.

24 Contact your Counselor Please make an appointment if you have additional questions
Phone: Last Names A-J Ms. Newsome Last Names K-Z Mrs. Megginson

25 Please Move To…your student’s HR teacher
Ms. Buffington A2 Ms. Morgan A5 Ms. Harvey A6 Mr. Oakman A7 Ms. Witten A3 Ms. Beck B3 Ms. Green B5 Ms. Hobbs B7 Mr. LaPollo B1 Mr. Mizzelle B6 Team A Team B

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