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Middle School Classes and the Transition to AHS Preparing for High School:

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1 Middle School Classes and the Transition to AHS Preparing for High School:

2 MYTHS ABOUT MIDDLE SCHOOL: MYTH # 1: It is not possible to move from standard to advanced classes. MYTH # 2: If you take a World Language in 8 th grade, you cannot take any other electives. MYTH # 3: My child will automatically go on to Algebra I once finished with Advanced Math 7 or Honors Math 6. MYTH # 4: If my child takes a high school level class, the grade they receive automatically gets transferred to the high school. MYTH # 5: My child should plan on taking as many AP or DE credits as they possibly can.

3 MATH HONORSADVANCEDSTANDARD 6 th GradeHonors 6th6 th Advanced6 th Standard 7 th GradeAlgebra I (SOL)7 th Advanced7 th Standard 8 th GradeGeometry (SOL)Algebra I (SOL)Pre-Algebra 9 th GradeAlgebra II (SOL)Geometry (SOL)Algebra I (x2) (SOL) 10 th Grade Trig. / Math AnalysisAlgebra II (SOL)Geometry (SOL) 11 th Grade Calc. A/BTrig. / Math AnalysisAlgebra II (SOL) 12 th Grade Calc. B/CCalc. A/BSpace available Items to consider for high school: 1.It is hard to move up a level in math once you get past 7 th grade. 2.MESA requires students to have taken both Algebra I and Geometry. 3.Algebra I at AHS is a double-blocked class.

4 Language Arts StandardAdvancedHonors 6 th GradeLanguage Arts 6 St.Language Arts 6 Adv.N/A 7 th GradeLanguage Arts 7 St.Language Arts 7 Adv.N/A 8 th GradeLanguage Arts 8 St. Language Arts 8 Adv. (Optional rotation with World Language) N/A 9 th Grade English 9 Jumpstart (x2) English 9 AdvancedEnglish 9 Honors 10 th Grade English 10 StandardEnglish 10 Advanced English 10 Honors (college options available) 11 th Grade English 11 Standard (SOL) English 11 Advanced (SOL) English 11 Honors (SOL) (college options available) 12 th Grade English 12 StandardEnglish 12 AdvancedEnglish 12 Honors (college options available)

5 World Languages World Languages SMS Options:AHS Options: Spanish I (7 th and 8 th grade) Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP French I (7 th and 8 th grade) French I, II, III, IV, AP German I (7 th and 8 th grade) German I, II, III, IV, AP Japanese I, II, III, IV Latin I, II, III, IV, AP Items to Consider: 1.7 th and 8 th grade World Language = 1 AHS credit. Exceptions made for students with language experience. 2.3 – 4 World Language classes are required for the college-bound diploma in high school. 3.There is plenty of time to take a World Language in high school.

6 SMS Electives Priority in middle school is to find an area that interests you: 1. Workplace Technology 6 Technology Systems 7 Engineering (Good for MESA) 2. Keyboarding 6 Computer Solutions 7 Design, Write, Publish 8 (Good for Journalism) 3. Life Skills 6 Life Skills 7 Life Skills 8 or Entrepreneurship (Good for Business) 4. Art 6 Art 7 Art 8 + Digital Art 5. Drama 7 Drama 8 6. Band 6 Band 7 Band 8 (double-blocked) 7. Strings 6 Strings 7 Strings 8 (double-blocked) 8. Chorus 6 Chorus 7 Chorus 8 (double-blocked)

7 High School Jargon: Advanced Diploma / Standard Diploma: 2 diploma options available for all students. Level of class difficulty does not matter. Credit: Received at the end of each class one takes and passes. Students must accumulate a specific number of credits to graduate (22 for Standard Diploma / 26 for Advanced Diploma). Verified Credit: Received when a student takes and passes a state SOL test with a score of 400 or better (6 for Standard Diploma / 9 for Advanced Diploma). Why is this important now? Students taking Algebra I and Geometry at SMS will enter the high school with 1 or 2 credits and 1 or 2 verified credits. Students taking a World Language at SMS will enter AHS with at least one credit.

8 High School Jargon (Acronyms!): AVID: The Advancement Via Individual Determination class mission is to prepare all students for college readiness and success in a global society. CATEC: Charlottesville/Albemarle Technical Education Center. MoHMSA: Monticello Health and Medical Sciences Academy. Open House December 4 th from 5 – 7 PM. Jr ROTC: Air Force academy located at Monticello High School. MESA: Math, Engineering and Science Academy. Open House December 12 th during the AHS Curriculum Fair from 6 – 8 PM. MHS: Murray High School ~ Small setting. Good for non- traditional needs.

9 MESA – Math, Engineering, Science Academy What you need to know: Applications available December 3 rd online or in Guidance. MESA Open House December 12 th during the AHS Curriculum Fair (6 PM – 8 PM) Applications due the first week of March. Confirmation letters mailed home in the first week of April. What helps? Students who finish Geometry in middle school Grades Extracurricular activities

10 Advice for the future: 1. Take the right classes – don’t get overwhelmed 2. Work on study habits now 3. Set a routine and figure how to balance that routine with being a kid: Social needs increase Sports / electives require more time commitments Nightly homework amount increases 4. Be ready for the changes that come with high school: Honors level classes are hard Attendance counts PE and Health are required and have homework Lunch periods are no longer grade-specific To play a sport, you must be eligible 4-year plans are important

11 Important Dates for Transition 8 th Grade Parent Information Meeting @ SMS: December 10 th from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Over Winter Break: Parent Portal opens for selection of AHS classes.

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