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Brushton-Moira School Counseling Program Updated March 2012.

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1 Brushton-Moira School Counseling Program Updated March 2012

2 What will you learn today… How many credits needed to graduate What is a cohort, diploma, transcript vs. report card How many Regents exams need to be passed to graduate What are the different diploma types What courses do I need to complete to graduate Who needs to take Regents courses/exams

3 Unit of Credit The way that we count the amount of course work that a student has completed A full year course (1 period every day for 40 weeks) equals 1 credit A half year course (every other day for 40 weeks OR everyday for a half year) equals.5 credit Each student must have 22 credits in order to graduate high school (these must be in particular areas)

4 Cohort An educational cohort is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve their high school diploma. A cohort forms when the students begin the curriculum. New York State High School Graduation Requirements differ depending on the year (cohort) a student first enters 9th grade. Once you enter grade 9 your cohort NEVER changes

5 Report Cards and Transcripts Report cards provide grades, attendance, and teachers’ comments for each course A transcripts is a record of all courses and Regents exams taken, and credits and diploma type earned in high school College applications require a transcript and use them as one of the main admissions criteria

6 Diploma A diploma is the certificate issued to a student upon graduating high school. It certifies that the student has completed all graduation requirements Regents Diploma Regents Diploma w/ Advanced Designation

7 Other Terms Rank GPA College Requirements -letters of recommendation -standardized exams -activities and extracurricular -4 year vs. 2 year college admission standards

8 Regents Courses and Exams Regents High School examinations, sometimes shortened to the Regents, are mandatory in New York State through the New York State Education Department, designed and administered under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. Regents exams are prepared by a conference of selected New York teachers of each test's specific discipline. The conferences meet and design the tests three years before the tests' issuance which includes time for field testing and evaluating testing questions.

9 Elective Courses A course not required by New York State for graduation Chosen by students interests or future career goals Many electives are not taken until 11 th or 12 th grade due to the high number of required courses for graduation

10 LOTE Language other than English Students at MINIMUM are required to complete the course in 8 th grade (Spanish 8 or French 8) and pass a local comprehensive exam at the end of the year to earn a high school credit

11 Requirements BMC students must meet both: Course Credit requirements and Regents Exam Requirements

12 Regents Diploma Students working for a REGENTS diploma must complete the following course credits: 4 English* 4 Social Studies** 3 Math* 3 Science*.5 Health 1 Art/Music 2 Physical Education 1 LOTE (local comp exam after I) 3.5 Electives

13 Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation Students working for a REGENTS diploma with ADVANCED DESIGNATION must complete the following course credits: 4 English* 4 Social Studies ** 3 Math*** 3 Science**.5 Health 1 Art/Music 2 Physical Education 3 LOTE (local comp exam after I and III) 3.5 Electives

14 Differences in Diplomas In addition to the requirements of a REGENTS diploma you must also complete the following for the REGENTS DIPLOMA WITH ADVANCED DESIGNATION: 3 Math courses and corresponding 3 Regents exams (Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry) 3 credits of LOTE (2 local comprehensive exams passed at the end of the 1 st year and the 3 rd year) 2 Science Regents courses and corresponding Regents exams

15 Art/Music Requirement Each student must have at least one credit of Art or Music in order to graduate. Any of the following courses solely or in combination may be taken to meet the one credit requirement.

16 Art/Music Requirement Music Theory1 credit Concert Band.5 credit Jazz Band.25 credit Chorus.5 credit Studio in Art1 credit Creative Crafts1 credit Drawing for Design and Production*.5 credit Technical Drawing, Material Processing or Energy*.5 credit

17 9 th Grade Schedule (typical) REQUIRED: English 91 credit Global History and Geography 91 credit Integrated Algebra OR Pre-Algebra1 credit Earth Science1 credit LOTE (recommended)1 credit Physical Education.5 credit Art or Music1 credit

18 9 th Grade Meeting with your school counselor Discuss all courses you will take as a 9 th grader You will choose what you want to take for your art/music requirement You may be able to choose an elective course Discuss your long range plan-what do I want to do after high school

19 Transition to 9 th Grade Different teachers/different expectations Homework make-up policy ALL CLASSES ARE CREDIT BEARING Attendance Policy

20 Points to Ponder What diploma do I want to pursue? What course should I take to fulfill the Art/Music requirement If I have a choice to take an elective what do I want to take? What is my second choice? Third choice? PLEASE BE PREPARED TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS WHEN YOUR 9 TH GRADE SCHEDULE IS MADE!

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