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Present tenses: Simple, Progressive (continuous), Perfect. Form 5, unit 4.

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1 Present tenses: Simple, Progressive (continuous), Perfect. Form 5, unit 4.

2 The Present Simple always usually often sometimes seldom never every… century year month week day hour minute second On… Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday V 1 / V (s)

3 The Present Progressive (continuous) Now Right now At present At the moment At the present moment am is V ing are

4 The Present Perfect already just yet ever never recently have / has + V 3

5 Put these sentences to the right place. The Present Simple The Present progressive The Present Perfect We come to school at half past seven We have just come to school. We are going to school now. The pupils are reading at the moment. I have done this task. My sister helps Mum every evening My Dad and Mum like to pick up mushrooms in Autumn. They have prepared for the school concert Ann is sweeping the floor The children are playing games right now.

6 Fill in the adverbial modifiers where necessary The pupils are writing a dictation …. My friend … helps me to solve a difficult problem. I haven’t learnt the poem….. She is telling them an interesting story…. Kate is sweeping the floor….. I have… had my breakfast. nowusually already at the moment right now yetevery day

7 Fill in the words have/has, am/is/are where necessary. We drinking water right now. He brought them some food and milk. Mary lays (накрывает) the table every evening. My parents having tea at the moment. My granny just put the dishes on the table. She opening the box of chocolates at present moment. I not bought milk for milkshake yet. are has is are has have

8 Put the verbs to the right form. What are you (to do) here? I have (to write) a letter to my pen-friend. Who has (to read) this article? We (to learn) English. What is she (to teach) them? He has (to do) something for them. She is (to look) for a book. I have just (to translate) a difficult word from English into Russian. doing written read learn teaching done looking translated Am Is +Ving are V1/V(s) Have/has +V3

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