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Gustar with Infinitives

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1 Gustar with Infinitives
Realidades 1 Capítula 1A

2 Gustar with Infinitives
An infinitive in English is to + the verb. It tells the meaning of the verb without naming any subject or giving a tense. There are three kinds of infinitive verbs in Spanish: those that end in “ar”, those that end in “er” and those that end in “ir”. cantar- to sing correr- to run escribir- to write

3 Gustar with Infinitives
Infinitives can be used after a verb like gustar to say what you and others like to do. Gustar literally means to be pleasing to; however, it is better translated as “to like.” Me gusta cantar. – I like to sing. Me gusta correr. – I like to run. Me gusta escribir. - I like to write.

4 Gustar with Infinitives
ALWAYS use gusta when followed by infinitive verbs( verbs that end with -ar, -er, or -ir.) - Me gusta jugar al tenis.- I like to play tennis. (to play= infintive verb)

5 Me gusta... - I like to... Te gusta... - You like to...
¿Te gusta...? - Do you like to...? Sí, me gusta... - Yes, I like to... No, no me gusta... - No, I do not like to...

6 Translate the upcoming slides:
PRACTICE!!! Translate the upcoming slides: (see pp for help)

7 I like to dance!

8 Me gusta bailar

9 I like to listen to music.

10 Me gusta escuchar música.

11 I like to play sports.

12 Me gusta practicar deportes.

13 I like to swim.

14 Me gusta nadar.

15 I like to run.

16 Me gusta correr.

17 I like to ski.

18 Me gusta esquiar.

19 I like to write stories.

20 Me gusta escribir cuentos.

21 I like to draw.

22 Me gusta dibujar.

23 I like to skateboard.

24 Me gusta montar en monopatín.

25 I like to cantar.

26 Me gusta cantar.

27 I like to watch TV.

28 Me gusta ver la tele.

29 I like to use the computer.

30 Me gusta usar la computadora.

31 I like to ride a bike.

32 Me gusta montar en bicicleta.

33 I like to play videogames.

34 Me gusta jugar videojuegos.

35 ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

36 What do you like to do? Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

37 ¿Te gusta usar la computadora?

38 Do you like to use the computer?
Sí, me gusta usar la computadora. Yes, I like to use the computer. No, no me gusta usar la computadora. No, I do not like to use the computer.

39 ¿Te gusta correr?

40 Do you like to run? Sí me gusta correr. Yes, I like to run.
No, no me gusta correr. No, I do not like to run.

41 ¿Te gusta bailar?

42 Do you like to dance? Sí me gusta bailar. Yes, I like to dance.
No, no me gusta bailar. N, I do not like to dance.

43 ¿Te gusta nadar?

44 Do you like to swim? Sí, me gusta nadar. Yes, I like to swim
No, no me gusta nadar. No, I do not like to swim.

45 ¿Te gusta escribir cuentos?

46 Do you like to write stories?
Sí, me gusta escribir cuentos. Yes, I like to write stories. No, no me gusta escribir cuentos. No, I do not like to write stories.

47 ¿Te gusta usar la cantar?

48 Do you like to sing? Sí, me gusta cantar. Yes, I like to sing.
No, no me gusta cantar. No, I do not like to sing.

49 ¿Te gusta escuchar música?

50 Do you like to listen to music?
Sí, me gusta escuchar música. Yes, I like to listen to music. No, no me gusta escuchar música. No, I do not like to listen to music.

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