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310KM M-Commerce Application Cheuk Ting Hei, Ng Ka Ming, Yuen Chun Pong.

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1 310KM M-Commerce Application Cheuk Ting Hei, Ng Ka Ming, Yuen Chun Pong

2 Q1  Within a tutorial session, form a team of 3-4 student. Each team should examine a major vendor of mobile devices (iPhone, gPhone, Nokia, Kyocera, Motorola, Palm, BlackBerry, GL, etc.). Each team will research the capabilities and prices of the devices offered by each company and then make a class presentation, the objective of which is to convince the rest of the class why one should buy that company �� s products.

3 Answer of Q1

4 Comparison  Iphone 4S  More Apps  More battery life time  Cheap  8 million of digital camera  Galaxy Nexus  Higher resolution screen  More free Apps  Face Unlock

5 Q2  What type of Mobile Intenet products and services do they provide to mobile phone and wireless PC/PDA users?  What are the costs of these products and services?

6 Answer of Q2  3G Monthly Plan of One2Free

7 Answer of Q2  3G Monthly Plan of 3HK

8 Answer of Q2  Mobile Broadband

9 Q2  Mobile Broadband

10 Q2  Wi-Fi Plan

11 Q2  Wi-Fi Plan

12 Q3  Do these wireless network providers have any business associations with mobile phone manufacturers or mobile contents/services providers. If so, what are the collaborative arrangements between the two parties. If not, who(or what) do you think drive the development of Mobile Internet technologies and devices? How do mobile phone manufactuers and wireless network operators generate income and revenue from (a)mobile phones, and (b) the Mobile Intenet?

13 Q3  In fact, they have many business collaboration. Such as 3hk is one of Apple‘s exclusive vendor, which provide a package include the Apple product and their service (wireless data plan).

14 Q3  For example, 3HK and Apple provide integrate service for iphone user, iphone with 3G data plan, it improve the product value of Apple (3HK provide wireless data service to iPhone). Now, wireless service is the essential feature of smart phone. It is because internet is need to connect in many function and apps.

15 Q3  However, wireless network provider have a lot of add value service, such as online TV channel, music download center, cloud hub... It need a better hardware to use this, so it can attract people to upgrade their smartphone.

16 Recommendation  iPhone is better, because  User interface more friendly  More entertainment apps  Specific offer of service provider and retailer  OS firmware update is frequency  IOS version is more consistency

17 The End  Thank you for your listening

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