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11 14/04/2015 Involvement of ETPs in FP7 NMP RTD European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Industrial Technologies (NMP) Name,

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1 11 14/04/2015 Involvement of ETPs in FP7 NMP RTD European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Industrial Technologies (NMP) Name, Surname Technology Platforms and initiatives in NMP research and technology development area 13 September 2011 Prague

2 2 European Technology Platforms ● Industry-Driven, Competitiveness-Focused ● European Technology Platforms – Concept: Stakeholders, led by industry, get together to define a Strategic Research Agenda on a number of strategically important issues with high societal relevance where achieving Europe’s future growth, competitiveness and sustainable objectives is dependent upon major research and technological advances in the medium to long term.

3 3 Context for the launch of ETPs l ETP process started in 2003 èLisbon strategy / 3% target, two thirds from private sector èBring industry closer to FP – foster alignment, critical mass èCreate ERA l Concentrate efforts and address fragmentation

4 4 14/04/2015 European Technology Platforms lThere are currently 36 ETPs lTheir SRAs are one source of ideas for FP7 research topics, but: lETP members can only obtain research funds submitting proposals in open calls lNon-research funding for specific activities of ETP secretariats is sometimes possible, also through calls for proposals. lJTIs and PPPs under the European Economic Recovery Package arise primarily of the work of ETPs lETPs are consulted when preparing research and innovation policy initiatives such as SET-plan (EIIs), Lead Markets

5 5 Community support ● Generally stakeholders fund their own costs in participating in technology platforms ● European Commission encourages bottom-up, industry-led approach, i.e. participating as an observer in many platforms, evaluates emerging initiatives, gives recommendations for development, uses ETP input in developing European research policy ● Commission does not “own” ETPs nor is bound by their views ● Initially limited Community support for funding operational entities (Secretariat etc.) where a given platform’s activities corresponded closely with thematic areas of Research Framework programme

6 6 Implementation by other means l FP7: part of funding, but…. l.. need to mobilise a wide range of public and private funding sources, e.g. èIndustry èNational and regional research programmes (ERA-NET) èStructural funds l Role of European Investment Bank (RSFF: Risk Sharing Finance Facility) Implementing research agendas

7 7 Next call for proposals Programme Committee Advisory Group EU policies Strategic Research Agendas of European Technology Platforms Foresight studies, continuity/ complementarity with FP6 portfolio, input from stakeholders Proposal for a multi annual implementation plan ANALYSIS&ANALYSIS& FEEDBACK DIALOGUEDIALOGUE Workprogramme update builds upon many inputs The definition of the yearly WP

8 8 14/04/2015 Results ETP evaluation study 2009 Conclusions lETP members and stakeholders are satisfied: 93 percent of them would renew their membership lETP members and stakeholders perceive ETPs as sufficiently open and transparent lETPs mobilise large networks, but presence of NGOs, end-users (and SMEs) is small lStakeholders would like to move to implementation

9 9 14/04/2015 ETP - going forward ● Several of recommendations from Expert Group already taking place naturally ● Take into account all three elements of the knowledge triangle ● Increased collaboration between platforms - Cross-ETP collaborations ● Becoming active on innovation: standards, market regulation, procurement, access to capital – and IP! ● Debate societal challenges, role of ETPs, role of partnerships, etc. ● Improved coordination: with national governments, across industrial sectors, across EU initiatives

10 10 Some NMP European Technology Platforms ● Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies - EuMaT Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies ● European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council - ENIAC European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council ● European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP European Steel Technology Platform ● European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources - ETP SMR European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources ● Future Manufacturing Technologies – MANUFUTURE Future Manufacturing Technologies ● Industrial Safety ETP - ETPIS Industrial Safety ETP ● Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications – NanoMedicine Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications ● Sustainable Chemistry – SusChem Sustainable Chemistry ● European Construction Technology Platform – ECTP ● Forest-based sector technology platform ● Future Textiles and Clothing – EURATEX ● European Technology Platform for Micro- and NanoManufacturing - MINAM

11 11 Moving towards larger networking and cross-platform cooperation ● Currently NMP programme encouraging development of larger cross-sectoral ETPs  For example NANOfutures, MINAM 2.0., ChemWater, Building Up, ongoing  NMP.2012.2.3-1 Networking of ETPs and main materials collective stakeholders in materials science and engineering (Deadline: 24.1.2012) ● NMP Programme sees ETPs and ERANETs as Mirror Groups ● Networking initiatives particularly important for “new” Member States

12 12 Joint Technology Initiatives May take the form of joint undertakings – Article 171 of the Treaty (art. 187 after the revision of last December 2009) ‘The Community may set up joint undertakings or any other structure necessary for the efficient execution of Community research, technological development and demonstration programmes’ Public Private Partnerships in EU Research Joint Technology Initiatives are proposed as a means to implement the Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs) of a limited number of European Technology Platforms (ETPs). European Technology Platforms

13 13 Joint Technology Initiatives ● Firmly anchored in themes of the Cooperation Programme ● In fields of major European public interest ● Running at this stage  Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)  Embedded Computing Systems (ARTEMIS) Embedded Computing Systems (ARTEMIS)  Aeronautics and Air Transport (Clean Sky) Aeronautics and Air Transport (Clean Sky)  Nanoelectronics Technologies 2020 (ENIAC) Nanoelectronics Technologies 2020 (ENIAC)  Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) ● Other fields possible subsequently

14 14 Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Objective: to promote the convergence of public interest with industrial commitment and leadership in determining strategic research activities “Factories of the future” PPP initiative for the manufacturing sector € 1.2 billion in 4 years “Energy-efficient buildings” PPP initiative for the construction sector € 1 billion in 4 years “Green cars” PPP initiative for the automotive sector € 1 billion in 4 years “Future Internet” PPP initiative (launched 2010) The European Economic Recovery Plan

15 15 Thank you! DG Research and Innovation Industrial Technologies

16 16 14/04/2015 Follow-up to the evaluation, The ETP Expert Group recommends… lTo cluster ETPs work around societal challenges lTo broaden the membership (all relevant funding agencies and national/regional authorities, end users, NGOs…) lTo enlarge ETP scope to include innovation and education

17 17 Involvement of industry in the planning and implementation Quick response needed: implies use of existing instruments 7th Framework Programme European Technology Platforms Implementation approach: Cross-thematic calls for proposals under FP7 In parallel, exploration of further calls and other options for the longer term, e.g. Joint Technology Initiatives The European Economic Recovery Plan: Public-Private Partnerships

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