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P3, M2,M3,M4.

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1 P3, M2,M3,M4

2 INSTALLATION Installation is usually more expensive than upgrading.
Installation may require more time than upgrading Greater chance of problems arising as you have no experience with the software to date. Training needed to be given to employees. An advantage would be that it has all the features you require that an upgrade may not offer. Installation do not always involve new software, it may re quire to be re-installed if not functioning properly.

3 UPGRADES Usually offer greater tools and facilities
Generally cheaper than purchasing a new one. Less training due to the similarities. Relatively easier in carrying out the upgrade. As a rule better off upgrading software rather than installing a new one unless the upgrade fails to offer the features you are looking for.

4 M2 – Explain the requirements involved when preparing for a software installation or upgrade
Planning: (need a plan before you install or upgrade) Sequence of activities: Ensure the computer system meets or exceeds the SW min requirements. Fresh installation or installing over existing SW is appropriate. Ensure installation method is suitable. E.g. SW stored on DVD, you would need a DVD drive. Select the appropriate location for the SW to be installed. E.g., Main Hard Drive, Network drive etc. Define suitable steps in carrying out the installation or upgrade that will include checking contents, reading manuals, performing virus scans, backing up data, configuring the SW.

5 Materials: When planning for an installation or upgrade you need to make sure that you have all of the materials you will need available to you and that they are fit for purpose. The materials include: The computer system. The SW installation media. (loading facilities to be used) Installation guides. License keys. Timing: Chose the best suitable time for the process that will minimise business disruptions

6 Communications: You need to consider who needs to be communicated during various installation stages and how you will communicate with them. The following people are usually informed: End users: people who use the system, inform how long the process would take and how long there would be down time, as it will effect their productivity. Management: inform them during the process, they need to know when the new SW can be used by employees, need to know of any problems that may arise that may have an effect on business operations. SW Vendors: Mainly for technical support – usual medium is through phone, IM, or web site Main form of communication is via , good for referencing and filing.

7 Guidance: (suitable guidance for end users)
Training end users before installation can greatly reduce the amount of support that may arise after actual installation or upgrade. In case of technical problems , you must make sure who the end user must supposed to contact for assistance ranging from low to high level support. This is known as escalation. Also during installation the installer may need to know who to contact when problems arise. Getting permission and Access: Workstation have user access controls Administrator accounts have the right to install Hw & SW May need to obtain correct user login details

8 P3 – Plan an installation and an Upgrade
Looking through the previous point for M2, you need to plan what steps you would take when you would install the AVG anti virus program Again Plan how you would upgrade the Anti virus program to a new version.

9 M3 – Design and implement a procedure to preserve data integrity during an upgrade
You need to show how you can back up data, what data would you back up How to create system restore points and restore the state. screen shots and creating a sort of manual to on how to back up, restore, system restore

10 M4 – Design a procedure to back out of SW upgrades
Sometimes after the process you will find there are problems with the current system: e.g. SW incompatible with new OS. Variety of Back-Out Procedures: SW and Data Backup before installation. Which will allow to be restored to a previous state. Uninstall the new SW or upgrade. Set System recovery points, a feature found in modern OS. Where would you back up and on what media. Construct a procedure using the above points and from M3.

11 Backup in Windows

12 Restricted access

13 Need to show how to do the following
Windows Back up Windows system restore.

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