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Operating System Customization

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1 Operating System Customization
IC3 Chapter 10 – Computer Fundamentals

2 Question 1 The ______ ______ changes and customizes setting on your computer such as the desktop, time zone, and account pictures. Control Panel

3 Question 2 The _____ _____ ______ _____ includes setting for a variety of system tasks, such as backup and restore, systems options, power options, Windows Update, and so on. System and Maintenance Category

4 Question 3 Use the options in the _____ ____ to check for Windows updates and for Windows security features. Security Category

5 Question 4 The options in the ______ ____ ______ ______ help you connect to and view a network and network computers and devices, sync with other computers. Network and Internet Category

6 Question 5 The settings in the _____ ____ ____ ____ let you manage hardware devices such as printers, the mouse, and the keyboard. Hardware and Sound Category

7 Question 6 The ____ _____ provides options to install, change, or remove software and Windows components; see a list of installed software; control access to certain programs; and add gadgets to the Sidebar. Programs Category

8 Question 7 Using the ____ _____ _____, you can change user accounts and passwords; change a user’s mail profile, and change your Windows password. User Accounts Category

9 Question 8 The ____ _____ ______ _____ provides options to personalize the desktop by selecting a new color scheme, changing the background, adjusting the screen resolution, and so on. Appearance and Personalization Category

10 Question 9 Use the options in the _____, _____, ____ ______ _____ to change the language your system uses or the date, time, or time zone; and change the way numbers, currency, dates, and times are formatted and displayed. Clock. Language, and Region Category

11 Question 10 In the _____ _____ _____ _____, you can adjust hardware and operating system settings for users with vision, hearing, and mobility disabilities. Ease of Access Category

12 Question 11 In addition to using the Control Panel, you also can change some settings by double-clicking the appropriate icon on the right side of the taskbar, which is called the ______. Notification Area

13 Question 12 Security Center: Provides options to check for updates, check the computer’s security status, turn automatic updating on or off, check firewall status, and require a password when the computer wakes.

14 Question 12 Windows Firewall Monitors the system to verify that a firewall is installed, determines if the firewall should be on or off, and determines if a program should be allowed through a firewall.

15 Question 12 Windows Update Turns automatic updating on or off, checks for updates, and views installed updates.

16 Question 12 Windows Defender Scans for spyware and other unwanted software.

17 Question 12 Internet Options Includes changing security settings, deleting browsing history and cookies, and managing browser add-ons.

18 Question 13 _____ _____ creates and saves restore points on a regular basis so that you can change your system back to its original settings because it becomes unstable. System Restore

19 Question 14 You always want to backup up your software. It is best to back it up on a CD or a _________. DVD

20 Question 15 Why should you uninstall a software program?
The program has become outdated or is no longer used.

21 Question 16 What are the 3 concerns the book mentions about SaaS delivery method? Security of the data Availability of the software program Control of the data

22 Question 17 Under User Accounts window we have ______ _______, which this feature provides a system for creating relationships with Web sites and online services that use credit cards and membership cards for payment or credentials. Windows CardSpace

23 Question 18 ______ is another option available in the User Accounts window. Using _______ _______, you can create accounts and directories, change settings for Outlook files, and set up multiple profiles of accounts and data files. Mail Mail Setup

24 Troubleshoot Common Software Problems
Install/ uninstall software on a network: Software installation on a network generally is reserved for the administrator or other designated employees. Defective or lost installation media: You may not have done a full install or the disk that came with the program may be damaged. Contact the company for a replacement disk, but there might be a fee

25 Troubleshoot Common Software Problems
Installation program will not start: If the Startup program doesn’t start automatically, use the Computer program to view the CD and locate the file named setup.exe, startup.exe, or install.exe. If this doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer. Installation stops before completion: Close the program and restart it. If this does not work, check online for a solution or contact he manufacturer.

26 Troubleshoot Common Software Problems
Installed program is not displayed: Program could be incompatible. Driver could be damaged. Use the Program Compatibility Wizard to change settings for the program. Installed program fails to work: Try the Windows Compatibility Wizard. If this does not work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling.

27 Troubleshoot Common Software Problems
Other programs fail to work after new product is installed: New program could be in conflict with other programs. The System Configuration Utility can help resolve these conflicts. Files cannot be read by new application: You may not have permission to access, file may be damaged, file may be outdated version, file doesn’t have correct extension, or file may be encrypted.

28 Troubleshoot Common Software Problems
Access to online application denied: Logon could be incorrect. The site fee could be past due. The site could be going through an update process. If this isn’t the problem, contact the website via . Online application not available: Web site could be down or the site could be busy. Wait a few minutes and try again. If this isn’t the problem, contact the website via .

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