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ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management A three or five day programme 15 Ensign, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JA.

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1 ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management A three or five day programme 15 Ensign, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JA

2 Overview Get the skills and knowledge to lead, organise and motivate teams Who is this qualification for? This qualification is ideal if you are have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing your abilities. It’s particularly suited to practising team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management, and managers who need to lead people though organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

3 Units Covered Planning change in the workplace (2CV) Understanding leadership (2CV) Understanding how to motivate to improve performance (2CV) Leading and motivating a team effectively (2CV) Giving briefings and making presentations (2CV) Understanding sustainability and environmental issues in an organisation (3CV)

4 Assessment Assessment is carried out using assignments for each unit. An ILM Assessment Task provides an opportunity to relate your learning directly to your current organisation. It is recommended that you discuss the assignment with your line manager to explore and agree how the task could be used to support the needs of your employer (as well as evidencing your learning as part of completing your ILM qualification)

5 Results for you Gain a range of key management skills Put new skills into practice in your own role Build your leadership capabilities Motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently Develop your leadership skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations.

6 Impact for your employer Effective and confident first-line managers Better relationships and communication in teams Measurable results: workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to your business A broad range of optional units – qualification can be tailored to your organisation’s learning and development needs.

7 ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management £1185 + VAT Add two units to gain the Certificate £790 + VAT Inspire Change and Lead a Team Effectively. (4 CV) Develop Your Leadership Skills (2 CV) Motivate to Improve Performance (2 CV) Make a Difference with Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (3 CV) Deliver Effective Briefings and Presentations (2CV) Identify forces for change, PESTLE, SWOT and Force Field. Identify the factors affecting leadership styles and behaviours. Define motivation and understand what can motivate/demotivate you and others. Define CSR and sustainability and examine the context in your industry. Identify your audience and plan a presentation using a simple structure, with clear objectives. Inspire opportunities for workplace change. Use Kotter’s seven step change model. Monitor the positive and negative effects of leadership styles on groups or individuals. Identify the factors affecting motivation levels at work. Identify key areas of legislation affecting your organisation. Develop presentation techniques using appropriate visual aids. Relate the human and financial factors related to change. Gain and interpret feedback on own leadership styles. Consider a range of differences affecting levels of motivation. Understand the relevant standards, policies and practices Present clearly, concisely and logically within agreed time limits. Create a vision, strategy and a common sense of purpose. Define the roles and responsibilities of a leader. Understand Situational Leadership Styles Recognise and mitigate the potential impact of low levels of motivation. Develop a plan to identify key environmental and CSR issues. Create a simple evaluation and feedback form. Improve communication to build teams and share objectives. Understand Transactional/Transformatio nal Leadership Styles Study three theoretical models of motivation; Herzberg, Maslow, McGregor. Create a plan to manage the key environmental issues. Give and gain feedback and identify areas for improvement. Identify what will motivate and develop own teams. Understand Collaborative Leadership Styles Identify four ways to improve motivation at work using a motivational theory. Examine environmental policies, practices and constraints. Reflect on own learning and develop a plan for future skills development. Define the role the leader plays in supporting the team and facilitating effective change. Develop a plan to build trust and enhance own leadership behaviours. Develop a plan to enhance employee engagement and to increase motivation. Identify opportunities to improve environmentally friendly performance and CSR measures. Identify ways to pass on own skills to develop others.

8 ILM membership Join the experienced professionals who are already ILM members. Network, get professional recognition and develop your leadership and management career. As a learner taking an ILM qualification, you're entitled to free ILM membership while you're completing your programme. Access to ILM’s LearningZone A key benefit of membership, especially if you are studying for a qualification, is access to ILM’s learning and development portal. Over 400 digital learning resources, developed by leading experts Covering essential leadership and management topics Mapped to ILM qualifications – key support to help you get the most from your training.

9 To register Contact Call 02476 420382 Payment due four weeks before start date

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