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2 2 LINGKUNGAN YANG KOMPETITIF Threat of New Entrants Rivalry Among Existing Competitors Bargaining Power of Customers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of Substitutes

3 3 STRATEGI DALAM ERA KOMPETITIF Differentiation Strategies Innovation Strategies Growth Strategies Alliance Strategies Cost Leadership Strategies

4 4 STRATEGI YANG MEMANFAATKAN TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI Improving Business Process Promote Business Innovation Locking in Customers and Suppliers Use IT to reduce costs of doing business Use IT to improve quality Use IT to link business to customers and suppliers Use IT to create new products or services Enhance Efficiency Create New Business Opportunities Maintain Valuable Customers and Relationships Strategy IT Role Outcome

5 5 STRATEGI YANG MEMANFAATKAN TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI Raise Barriers to Entry Build a Strategic IT Platform Build a Strategic Information Base Increase amount of investment or complexity of IT needed to compete Use IT to provide information to support firm’s competitive strategy Leverage investment in IS resources from operat- ional uses to strategic uses Increase Market Share Create New Business Opportunities Enhance Organizational Collaboration Strategy IT Role Outcome

6 6 PELUANG MERAIH KEUNGGULAN KOMPETITIF Administrative Coordination & Support Services Human Resource Management Technology Development Procurement of Resources Inbound Logistics Inbound Logistics Operations Outbound Logistics Outbound Logistics Marketing and Sales Marketing and Sales Customer Service Customer Service Competitive Advantage

7 7 PENGGUNAAN INTERNET Marketing and Product Research Sales and Distribution Support and Customer Feedback Data for market research, establishes consumer responses Access to customer com- ments online Immediate re- sponse to customer problems Low cost distribution Reaches new customers Multiplies contact points Increase Market Share Lower Cost Margins Enhanced Customers Satisfaction Internet Capability Benefits to Company Opportunity for Advantage

8 8 Strategi Posisioning dari Teknologi Internet Global Market Penetration E-Commerce Website Value-added IT Services Product and Services Transformation E-Business; Extensive Intranets and Extranets Cost and Efficiency Improvements E-Mail, Chat Systems Performance Improvements in Business Effectiveness Intranets and Extranets Strategy Solution Low High Customer Competition Connectivity E-Business Processes Connectivity Internal Drivers External Drivers

9 9 FOKUS PADA PELANGGAN Dalam e-Busines Let customers place orders thru distribution partners Transaction Database Link Employees and distribution partners Let customers check order history and delivery status Let customers place orders directly Customer Database Build a community of customers, employees, and partners Give all employees a complete view of customers

10 10 Fokus pada Pelanggan dan Kompetitor Leverage the Impact of People and IS Resources Accessibility Delivery Time Customer’s time to market Anticipation of future needs Customization Conformance Cost of Transaction Cost of Value-added Services Give Customers Solutions to Problems Give Customers Solutions to Problems Cooperate with Business Partners and Competitors Cooperate with Business Partners and Competitors Organize to Master Change Organize to Master Change

11 11 Borderless Technology Excellence Trust-Based Adaptability Opportunism Six Characteristics of Virtual Companies PERUSAHAAN VIRTUAL

12 12 Manajemen Sistem Solution Knowledge Development Engineers Technical Support Staff Product Managers Other Vendors Customers The Internet Intranet

13 13 Information systems can play several strategic roles in business. The Internet, intranets, extranets, and other Internet-based technologies can be used strategically for e-business and e-commerce that provide a competitive advantage. A key strategic use of Internet technologies is to build an e-business which develops its business value by making customer value its strategic focus. KESIMPULAN

14 14 IT is a key ingredient in reengineering business operations, by enabling radical changes to business processes that dramatically improve their efficiency and effectiveness. IT can be strategically used to improve the quality of business performance. A business can use IT to help it become an agile company, that can respond quickly to changes in its environment.

15 15 Forming virtual companies has become an important competitive strategy in today’s dynamic global market. Lasting competitive advantages today can only come from innovative use and management of organizational knowledge by knowledge creating companies and learning organizations.


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