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Uddingston Grammar School CfE Parental Presentation PARENTAL PRESENTATION.

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1 Uddingston Grammar School CfE Parental Presentation PARENTAL PRESENTATION

2 What is the vision for CfE – Nationally and in Uddingston Grammar ? CfE Parental Presentation The National Vision Curriculum for Excellence seeks to empower learners and practitioners by removing constraints to learning and teaching. By ensuring a broad, general education for 3 to 15, it is hoped that young people will have learned the intrinsic skills, the knowledge and its application to problem solving required to undertake the new National examinations in S4/5/6. Uddingston Grammar Vision We will empower young people to learn by engaging with them in a variety of different methods and contexts We will ensure our young people have a broad based education which prepares them for the rigours of National Qualifications and wider achievement

3  Yes and No. The Vision and Principles are the same  Both are based on improving outcomes for young people  CfE proposes a broad general based education until the end of S3 – we are not.  CfE proposes 2 tiers in a school, the Junior Phase (S1-3) and the Senior Phase (S4-6) – we are not.  CfE proposes all courses are 160 hours long – we are not.  CfE suggests all courses are OPTIONAL after S3 – we are not.  CfE proposes that you sit 5/6 Nationals in S4 – we are not. CfE Parental Presentation

4  We propose to begin the Nationals phase at the end of S2, not at the end of S3.  We propose maintaining a ‘transition’ phase between S3 and S5.  We propose maintaining English, Maths and PE as core (along with RMPS and PSHE) until the end of S4, with English until the end of S5.  We propose to increase the amount of time available to teach a National presenting in S4.  We propose to offer 7/8 or 9 Nationals in S4. CfE Parental Presentation

5  Pupils – they have to understand that it is NOT Standard Grade, but that they are NOT Guinea Pigs  Parents – you need to know clearly what our plans are and how they impact DIRECTLY on your children  Staffing – all curricular models affect staffing in Departments  Planning time – we need to make concrete decisions based on consensus of opinion  Timetabling – we may have to examine double- periods in other areas of the school than S5/6 CfE Parental Presentation

6  Staff meet formally on the 11 th of February Inset Day to discuss the proposals  We inform you, the Parents of our thoughts and ask for your feedback and direction  We inform the Young people of our thoughts and ask for their feedback and direction  We set up a short life group to engage with pupils staff and you, the parents to seek their views  We make a FINAL decision by Summer – YOU NEED TO KNOW ! CfE Parental Presentation

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