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G20 Africa Infrastructure Investment Conference 18-19 July 2013, London, United Kingdom

1 Overview of Presentation
ON-GOING INITIATIVES 1 PIDA PAP Portfolio 2 Financing & Resource Mobilization 3 Key Actions & Role of AfDB 4

2 The African Development Bank Group - The Premier Partner for Africa’s Development
Regional Member Countries (Shareholding: 60.8%) Algeria (4.0%) Angola (1.2%) Benin (0.2%) Botswana (2.1%) Burkina Faso (0.4%) Burundi (0.2%) Cameroon (1.0%) Cape Verde (0.08%) Central African Rep. (0.04%) Chad (0.07%) Comoros (0.02%) Congo (0.5%) Côte d’Ivoire (3.7%) D. R. Congo (1.0%) Djibouti (0.05%) Egypt (5.1%) Equatorial Guinea (0.2%) Eritrea (0.09%) Ethiopia (1.6%) Gabon (1.2%) Gambia (0.2%) Ghana (2.3%) Guinea (0.4%) Guinea Bissau (0.03%) Kenya (1.4%) Lesotho (0.2%) Liberia (0.2%) Libya (3.8%) Madagascar (0.6%) Malawi (0.3%) Mali (0.4%) Mauritania (0.2%) Mauritius (1.9%) Morocco (3.3%) Mozambique (0.6%) Namibia (0.3%) Niger (0.3%) Nigeria (8.8%) Rwanda (0.1%) S. Tome & Principe (0.07%) Senegal (1.0%) Seychelles (0.06%) Sierra Leone (0.2%) Somalia (0.09%) South Africa (4.5%) Sudan (0.4%) South Sudan Swaziland (0.3%) Tanzania (0.8%) Togo (0.16%) Tunisia (1.4%) Uganda (0.5%) Zambia (1.2%) Zimbabwe (2.0%) Non-Regional Member Countries (Shareholding 39.2%) Middle East Europe Americas Asia Kuwait (0.4%) Saudi Arabia (0.2%) Austria (0.4%) Belgium (0.6%) Denmark (1.1%) Finland (0.5%) France (3.7%) Germany (4.1%) Italy (2.4%) Netherlands (0.8%) Norway (1.1%) Portugal (0.2%) Spain (1.0%) Sweden (1.5%) Switzerland (1.4%) UK (1.7%) Argentina (0.3%) Brazil (0.4%) Canada (3.7%) USA (6.6%) China (1.1%) India (0.2%) Japan (5.5%) Korea (0.4%) The African Development Bank Group

3 A Continental Partnership for Implementation of PIDA

4 Overview of On-going Initiatives
Continental Level Coordination & Oversight Enabling Environment Political & Policy Buy-in Strategic Linkages REC Level Align PIDA PAP to REC Master Plans Prioritize & Sequence Projects Harmonization of Policies, Standards & Legal Frameworks Project Level Move Projects to Bankability Dialogue/Reforms on Project Specific Issues Structuring & Financing

5 Key Considerations in Delivery of PIDA PAP
Coordination Continental & Regional Regional & National Public-Private & Specialized Institutions Development Partners Capacities Strategic oversight and alignment Key issues impacting on project realization Moving projects from preparation to bankability Communication Target audience Key messages Validation by stakeholders Packaging and delivery/mediums

6 Private Sector Participation
ON-GOING INITIATIVES Communications PIDA Communications Strategy Stakeholders, Outreach, Ownership Key Messages Business Case Development Impact Updating of PIDA PAP Unbundling the PIDA PAP Key issues impacting on Project realization Moving projects from preparation to bankability Private Sector Participation Create opportunities for private sector participation in PIDA Define and apply Bankability Criteria Create enabling environment

7 Strategic Partnership with WEF
KEY HIGHLIGHTS Establishment of BWG WEF Africa 2013 Heads of States - Mandate to roll out the Africa Strategic Infrastructure Initiative Aims to match private sector resources with the most critical Transformative Transnational Infrastructure Projects. 

8 Overview of Presentation
ON-GOING INITIATIVES 1 PIDA PAP PORTFOLIO 2 Financing & Resource Mobilization 3 Role of AfDB 4

Build an Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa, Driven by its Citizens and Representing a Dynamic Force in the International Arena PIDA IS A KEY PILLAR IN ACHIEVING THIS VISION DIAGNOSIS OF EXISTING SITUATION OUTLOOK 2040 STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK PIDA 2040 Vision: AUC 2004 Strategic Plan + + = Stakeholder Consultative Process Collective Consensus on Priorities Approval by African Heads of State

10 The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa – Priority Action Plan 2020 (PIDA-PAP)

11 PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020
Energy 15 items USD 40 bn The energy infrastructure program focuses on major hydroelectric projects and interconnects the power pools to meet the forecast increase in demand. One regional petroleum products pipeline is also included. PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020

12 Transport Networks 24 items-USD 25 bn
The transport program links the major production and consumption centers, provides connectivity among the major cities, defines the best hub ports and railway routes, and opens the land-locked countries to improved regional and continental trade. PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020

13 PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020
ICT - 3 items USD 0.5 bn The ICT program will establish an enabling environment for completing the land fiber optic infrastructure and installing Internet exchange points in countries without them. It will connect each country to two different submarine cables to take advantage of the expanded capacity. PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020

14 Water Resources (excluding energy dams) 9 items - USD 2 bn
The transboundary water program targets the development of multipurpose dams and builds the capacity of Africa’s lake and river basin organizations so that they can plan and develop hydraulic infrastructure. The program would also help address the looming food deficit. PIDA Priority Action Plan 2020

15 Overview of Presentation

16 S1 – Early Concept Proposal 9 USD 17.2 bn
36 projects still need preparation funding… but represent opportunities for future investors Project Stage No. Cost S1 – Early Concept Proposal 9 USD 17.2 bn S2 – Feasibility/Needs Assessment 16 USD 22.7 bn S3 – Programme/Project Structuring and Promotion to Obtain Financing 11 USD 6.6 bn S3/S4: Structuring/Financing USD 13.3 bn S4 – Implementation and Operation 4 USD 8.2 bn

17 Key Focus: Mobilizing Resources for Implementation of PIDA
Public Financing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Domestic Resources Enabling Environment Reforms – Pvt Sector Input Private Financing Project Preparation Project Financing Investment Mobilization Leverage, Co-financing, Innovation

18 Packaging of Projects Development Case Business Case
Economic Benefits (Demonstrable) Inclusive Growth (Jobs, Green Economy, Environment, Catalyst) Business Case Return on Investment Viability & Profitability Implementation Roadmap Sequencing and Preparation Enabling Environment

19 Key Actions Going Forward
Address Coordination, Capacity and Communication issues innovatively Strengthen Project Preparation around the PIDA PAP Unbundle, prioritize and sequence projects into Pipeline of Bankable Projects Bring on board the Private Sector and address issues of Enabling Environment Strengthen Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Foster strong “Implementation Partnerships” – Public-Private Address Sector Linkages and Inclusive Growth

ICA NEPAD IPPF WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Africa 50Fund Aims to mobilize funding for preparation an and investment at a large scale than currently available within the AfDB Group Platform for Private Sector as Strategic Partners in Capacitation, Financing and Implementation of Africa’s Transformative Projects Project Preparation through donor sourced Development aid funding and technical support

21 Africa 50 Fund Mobilizing Domestic Capital
Project Development: Addressing Bankability Project Finance: for revenue generating projects SWF, CBs, Pension Funds AfDB African Countries LICs: ADF PBA+RO MICs: CB, PF & SWF LEVERAGE Approximately 10 times + Return – Equity Tranches + Risk – BONDS EQUITY

22 Overview of Presentation
ON-GOING INITIATIVES 1 PIDA PAP Portfolio 2 Financing and Resource Mobilization 3 ROLE OF AFDB 4

23 AfDB Support Project Preparation Project Financing
Technical Assistance

24 “One Bank” Approach to PIDA Delivery
Inter-Departmental Working Groups on PIDA Set Up within AfDB to Promote “One Bank” Approach to PIDA Delivery Energy Working Group Transport & ICT Working Group Water Working Group

25 Bank Group total approvals maintained above pre-crisis levels
Bank Group Impact on Africa Bank Group total approvals maintained above pre-crisis levels Bank Group Loan & Grant Approvals by Sector 2011 Responding to the global crisis Record amount of approvals in 2009 The African Development Bank Group

26 Bank Group Investments in Infrastructure
AfDB  Investment in Infrastructure - All windows (UA millions) Sector/Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total Total Infrastructure   1,931.33   1,411.46   3,907.89   2,603.55   1,572.27   11,426.50 Water Supply & Sanitation             236.84       297.37       444.07       139.19      1,328.96 Power Supply             533.49   2,233.52       887.65       420.14      5,004.79 Communication         32.99         84.26         32.43            7.57          157.25 Transportation             641.12   1,292.73   1,239.41   1,005.37      4,935.49

27 “Soft Infrastructure”
AfDB Group Financing is Flexible to Support an Evolving Global and Regional Context What We Fund Windows Instruments Recipients Infrastructure “Hard” ADB/ADF Funds Loans National/ Local Governments Special Initiatives AWF NEPAD/ IPPF ICA Regional Organizations RECs, RBOs, PPs Grants Enabling Environment “Soft Infrastructure” Private Companies Equity Trust Funds Eg. MIC, FSF Guarantees NGOs/CBOs

A time for action MERCI OBRIGADO THANK YOU شكرا

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