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Standard Bank Group Symposium on “Foreign Investment in Africa”

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1 Standard Bank Group Symposium on “Foreign Investment in Africa”
Inspired. Motivated. Involved. Notes

2 Africa fast facts 55 countries
20% of global land area 890 million people (China 1.3 billion and India 1.1 billion) Ave. population density of 57.8 people /sqkm in Africa (345.4 /sqkm global ave., 334 in India, 134 in China and 30 in US) 41% of Africans are aged 14 and younger (Global ave. is 30%, 17% in Europe & 20% in US) Lagos is the largest city in Africa with population of 15 million (NYC 8.2 million, London 7.5 million and Shanghai 17 million) 46 million television sets in Africa (3.2% of global total of 1.4 billion) 2.4% of global pc users are in Africa 2.5% of global internet users are in Africa 95 million mobile phones in Africa (3.3% of global total of 2.9 billion) 175 million radios in Africa (7.1% of global total of 2.5 billion) 28 motor vehicles / 1,000 people in Africa (164 is global ave., 765 in US, 12 in India and 10 in China) Africa had 4.5% of global aircraft departures in 2007 Notes

3 Overview of Standard Bank
Standard Bank formed in 1862 Listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange Representation in 18 African countries and 20 countries outside Africa Includes key financial centres of Europe, the Americas and Asia Extensive branch network on the African continent: 768 branches in SA 386 branches in the rest of Africa 40,000 employees in Africa African Roots with Global Reach Standard Bank Group is the largest African bank by geographic spread, assets, earnings and market capitalisation Notes

4 Standard Bank Branch Presence
Country Standard Bank Representation Corporate Banking Retail Banking South Africa 681 Botswana 6 Swaziland 11 Namibia 43 Zimbabwe 16 Zambia 13 Malawi 19 Mozambique 27 Ghana 22 Nigeria 61 Kenya 8 Lesotho 15 Uganda 71 DRC 2 Angola 1 * Tanzania Mauritius Tunisia Morocco Algeria Libya Egypt Western Sahara Mauritania Cape Verde Mali Niger Chad Eritrea Senegal Sudan Gambia Guinea Burkina Faso Djibouti Guinea Bissau Benin Somalia Ivory Coast Togo Nigeria Central African Republic Ethiopia Sierra Leone Ghana Cameroon Liberia Equatorial Guinea Uganda Kenya Gabon Congo Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Rwanda Burundi Tanzania Seychelles Angola Malawi Zambia Namibia Zimbabwe Madagascar Mozambique Botswana Mauritius Swaziland Lesotho South Africa African Roots, Global Reach We have a representative office in Angola and are in the process of establishing a full service bank Notes

5 Financial Strength R (Million) 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Total income (gross)* 25 715 28 973 36 166 47 643 61 565 Operating profit* 10 020 11 851 14 531 19 006 25 634 * As of 31 December 2007, excludes Liberty, operating profit includes goodwill and income from associates Group headline earnings of R14.15 billion (approx $1.705 billion) at December 2008, 8% up from 2007 Market capitalisation of R127 billion (approx $14 billion) at 31 December 2008 Asset base of R1 509 billion (approximately $162 billion) at 31 December 2008 Ranked 266th in The Forbes Global 2000 (2008) Ranked 106th in the world, and 1st in sub-Saharan Africa, based on Tier 1 capital (Top 1000 World Banks, The Banker, 2008) Notes

6 Africa’s inflation falls
Source: IMF

7 Africa’s falling external debt
Source: IMF

8 Solid investor interest in Africa
Source: IMF

9 Africa records solid GDP growth
Source: IMF

10 U.S. Trade with SSA have grown significantly
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, TradeStats Express

11 U.S. Exports to SSA represents a Wide Array of Sectors
U.S Exports to SSA by Category Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, TradeStats Express

12 Commodities are major African exports to U.S.
U.S. Imports from SSA by Category – 2008 Note: These percentages are based on trade related figures between January – September 2007 Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, TradeStats Express

13 Agriculture & Livestock Exports to the U.S. from SSA +34%
3-year AGOA Growth in Primarily Agriculture & Livestock Exports To the US from SSA Source: U.S. International Trade Commission. Dataweb

14 Contacts Mark E. Chiaviello, Director Corporate and Investment banking
Standard Bank of South Africa

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