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Communication at International Conference

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1 Communication at International Conference
Unit 10. Communication at International Conference

2 Part I. Presentation at international conference---continued
Closing Before you close your presentation, pause for a while. Using one or two sentences to end your presentation.

3 Signaling the end part 1. Well, that brings me to the end of my presentation. The last slide is a brief summary of what I have talked about. 2. Before I finish, let me just say…. 3. To close my speech, I’ll show you the last slide.

4 4. Let’s look at what I have talked.
5. To end my presentation, I’d like to show you the last slide. 6. Finally, I am going to talk about….

5 Closing your presentation
1. Thank you for your attention. 2. Thank you for listening 3. That’s all I want to show you about… Thank you.

6 4. That’s all for my presentation. Thanks for your attention.
5. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the brief introduction about my work. I welcome all comments. Thank you. 6. That’s all for my talk. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you.

7 7. ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your attention and I am quite willing to discuss with you anytime. Thank you. 8. Then thank you for the privilege of being present of this conference. 9. That’s all of my talk. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my view with you.

8 Inviting questions 1. Now I’d like to answer questions ,if any.
2. Now I am ready for questions, if any. 3. So, let’s throw it open to questions. 4. I would be glad to try and answer any questions.

9 Inviting the repetition of question
Pardon, I couldn’t hear what you said. I am sorry I forget your first question. Would you please be so kind as to repeat it? Well, I am not quite sure what your question is. Does it mean…?

10 Are you referring to the significance of the difference?
Are you suggesting that …? Sorry, I don’t quite catch that. Could you please say it again? If I understand you correctly, you are asking/saying that….

11 Pardon. I didn’t quite get the last point of your question
I beg your pardon, I didn’t catch what you said.

12 Welcoming the question
Thank you. I appreciate that question. This is a hard question. I’d be delighted to answer your question In answer to your question, I would say that….

13 Thank you for your question. I’ll try to answer it briefly.
That’s a very good/interesting/big question. I ‘ll try to explain…briefly here and I wish to have a further discussion with you on… after the meeting.

14 I appreciate your interest in my research, but this needs further study.
I I think it will be possible to answer your question when more experiments are completed. The only answer I can give at present is to ….

15 We are now working on this problem and, if you agree, I’ll answer your question in a few weeks by . This is a question worth further discussion. Perhaps I could answer it in the seminar tomorrow. I think that’s something we could look into in details later.

16 Part II. Exchanging ideas at discussion
Indicating that you have a question and asking a question Excuse me, did you say that…? Pardon. You mean that you’ve tested it in…? Well, I am not quite understand how you reached the conclusion. Could you please explain…?

17 Yes. It shows the…. Well, my question is…?
Excuse me, if …how…(about…/to do…/could it…)? Sorry, I don’t quite understand …. Could it be possibly changed if…?

18 Expressing different ideas at a discussion
Dr. Smith, have you ever…. And if we take … into account, perhaps …. Perhaps we could…. I suppose that … but the fact is… Sorry, I am not quite convinced that …. Perhaps, we need….

19 Yes. Any …could bring about…. But ….
In case of … , the result could be different. If I may say so, without…we can’t …. If I may ask…(对敏感问题)

20 Part III. Initiating a conversation
Excuse me, aren’t you Dr. Engleton? Excuse me, Dr…. I am…from China. I am interested in…. Could you …? Hello, Dr. xxx. Nice to meet you. I’d appreciate the chance to talk to you sometime because I….

21 Part IV. Communicate with people
Example: Dr. Kerridge, may I introduce you to Dr. Hyman? Gld to meet you. Glad to meet you , too. I’m pleased to meet you at last. I’ve heard so much about you from Dr. Liu . I believe you’re doing research in the field of Agri-economy. That’s right.

22 I was most interested in hearing about your recent paper on the immigrants from country to urban areas. Do you think you could let me have a copy? I’d be delighted to. In fact, I’ve got a few copies with me. I’ll bring one with me tomorrow. Thank you very much.


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