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Plymouth State University Purchasing Card Program Individual Travel Card including Air/Rail February 2012.

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1 Plymouth State University Purchasing Card Program Individual Travel Card including Air/Rail February 2012

2 Introduction The PSU Individual Travel card including air/rail allows PSU employees to pay for most normal travel expenses including airline/rail tickets with the convenience of a credit card. It is important to remember that travel tickets should be purchased for the cardholder ONLY – if others in your department will be traveling, their tickets must be purchased using their own Individual Travel card or the PSU Group Travel card held by the Administrative Assistant in many departments.

3 What Can the PSU Individual Travel Card Be Used For? The following authorized travel expenses must be for the benefit of the Plymouth State University and/or USNH. Authorized transactions: Airline/rail reservations and tickets. Hotel room and tax as well as internet connection fees, hotel safe fee, and responsible telephone calls as allowed by USNH policies Meals while traveling – original, itemized and detailed receipt is required for all meals. Auto rental – use Enterprise or National where available to receive University discounts. Other rental agencies can be used if these are not available. Gasoline for rental vehicles only. Personal vehicle expenses must be processed through petty cash or travel expense report reimbursement. Parking fees (not fines) and tolls. Conference registration. Ground transportation, including shuttles, taxi, bus. Limousine service is excluded.

4 How to Use Your Individual Travel Card The Individual Travel card must be kept in a secure place. If you are asked for an address verification, use the following. Plymouth State University. 17 High Street MSC ?? Plymouth NH 03264. Please note this is this will be your department address. Only the authorized cardholder may use the travel card. Do not loan your card or number to anyone else, including your supervisor or others in your department

5 Making Airline and Hotel Reservations Please use caution when making travel arrangements using the Internet: 1.Ensure that you are on a secure website 2.Double-check to be sure there are no hidden costs 3.Make your travel arrangements carefully – what you click is what you get 4.Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport or driver’s license. before 5.Print out your reservation information before closing from the site 6.Hotel room/tax, business related internet connection fees, hotel safe fee; responsible telephone calls as allowed by PSU policies. All other incidental expenses must be billed and paid separately by the traveler. These charges might include, but are not limited to: personal phone calls in excess of 10 minutes daily, room service, health facilities, mini-bar service, movies, spas, etc. Cancellation clause 7.Make sure to read the Cancellation clause very carefully! DO NOT 8.NOTE: When making hotel reservations – DO NOT send/fax your pcard OR personal identification to the hotel. This is a violation on the vendor’s side to ask for such information. If there is an issue – speak directly to the manager there.

6 Paying for Travel Meals You must provide an itemized receipt for meals – this will mean that you cannot have your meal added to your hotel bill. The bill should be for your meal ONLY, including gratuity. The Individual Travel card cannot be used for alcoholic beverages or meals in lieu of those included in conference costs. Present your Individual Travel card at the hotel restaurant and request a separate, itemized receipt for your meal. NOTE NOTE - If you plan on using the “per diem” rates for meals (and will be reimbursed) – you cannot use your Individual Travel card to pay for the meal. Meal expenses cannot exceed the current posted per diem rate for the city/area in which you are traveling.

7 Vehicle Rental Where available, use Enterprise or Merchants Van/Truck rentals, our contracted rental agencies. When using other rental agencies, the cardholder must be listed as the primary driver on any rental form. When the rental is charged to a Pcard, USNH employees should decline the vehicle rental insurance coverage offered by the agency, unless traveling in foreign countries. Please see JP Morgan Chase brochure enclosure w/ card.

8 Vehicle Rental (Cont’d) Our agreement with MasterCard provides for basic insurance in all cases except the following The rental period exceeds 31 days, or The rental vehicle is a 9-passenger van, or When traveling outside the US in a country not covered by MasterCard In the above instances, insurance coverage is provided through an insurance policy for non-owned or hired vehicles with Acadia held by USNH

9 Vehicle Rental (Cont’d) Remember that USNH policy limits the number of passengers, including the driver, to 10 people – regardless of the seating capacity of the vehicle. Also see additional information in the MasterCard “Guide to Benefits” publication included in this training

10 List of Some Internet Travel Sites The sites listed to the right have been used successfully by USNH travelers. If there are others good travel sites that you know of, please let us know so they can be added to the list. If you have problems with any of these sites, please contact the Campus Card Administrator so they can be removed.

11 Roles & Responsibilities for the Traveler Communicate approved travel needs, including itinerary and any changes in travel arrangements, to your Account Manager in a timely manner You will receive an email called ‘Daily Pcard Notice’ when you have made a purchase. It’s important that you check these daily – to make sure that the charge is yours and that your card has not been compromised. Your Account manager will also receive these daily emails. Provide all original detailed receipts to the Account Manager upon return from trip. Provide the full business purpose substantiation for your trip – especially on the airline, car rental and hotel receipts.

12 Reporting A Lost/Stolen Card The CARDHOLDER must report a lost or stolen card or account number to JPMorgan Chase IMMEDIATELY. The number to call is 1-800-316-6056. This number is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike a personal credit card, your department will be responsible for all charges against a lost/stolen card UP UNTIL THE TIME THE LOSS IS REPORTED. We recommend that you put these numbers in your cell phone for quick reference, if needed. If you are outside the US, the number to call is 847-488- 3748 (you may call collect). After calling the Bank, report the card loss to your Account Manager and the Campus Card Administrator as soon as possible.

13 Documentation Requirements All purchases made with your individual travel card must have the “5- Ws” clearly indicated on all receipts: Who What When Where Why – a clearly defined business purpose for your trip Original receipts should be provided to your Account Manager promptly upon your return Accounts Payable will review your Individual Travel card transactions on a regular basis. Your first review will be 4-6 weeks after your first transaction.

14 Contact Information If you have a question or problem with your card or if you have a question regarding travel procedures of USNH travel policy, please contact the Campus Card Administrator for assistance please contact Mary-Ellen Godville X5-2252 (Disbursements and Travel Manager)

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