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The University of Texas System Administration Travel Policy Travel Services And Accounting & Purchasing Services.

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1 The University of Texas System Administration Travel Policy Travel Services And Accounting & Purchasing Services

2 Purpose UT System Administration Travel Policy is intended to: Provide for the reasonable needs of travelers Control travel expenditures Maximize negotiated rates with preferred suppliers Facilitate proper reporting and compliance with applicable state and federal regulations

3 The Fine Print Travel rules come from a variety of sources State of Texas Travel Regulations Act Texas Travel Allowance Guide State Comptroller of Public Accounts Internal Revenue Code Regents Rules and Regulations

4 Policy and Compliance The Travel Policy applies to both State and Institutional funds. Any differences are noted. Institutional Funds: Funds in any account EXCEPT those beginning with 53, 63, or 54-100. State Funds: Funds in any account beginning with 53, 63, or 54- 100.

5 Policy and Compliance A department may adopt stricter guidelines than those stated in the Travel Policy. Departments must notify travelers in writing before stricter guidelines are implemented.

6 Policy and Compliance Travelers and authorized signers must be in compliance with the Travel Policy. Intentional disregard may be grounds for disciplinary action. Travel must be for System Administration business.

7 Authorization and Notice A traveler must obtain approvals by submitting a completed Travel Approval Form to his or her supervisor for processing.Travel Approval Form The traveler must file the original, signed approval with the reimbursement request and retain a copy for audit purposes.

8 Authorization and Notice Travel Outside of Texas (including foreign travel) Each trip requires the advance approval of an immediate supervisor. Each trip requires advance approval from the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor.

9 Authorization and Notice Travel to Washington, D.C. Notify the Office of State-Federal Relations if travel includes appropriations or legislative issues Notify the UT System Office of Federal Relations regarding all travel

10 Conservation of Funds An employees travel must be planned and conducted to achieve maximum economy and efficiency within the guidelines of the Travel Policy. Travel expenses must be reasonable, appropriately documented, and properly authorized.

11 Travel Time Periods Standard time frame - if same day travel is infeasible, business is considered to begin at the latest cost-efficient time and end at the earliest cost-efficient time. Weekend or Extended Stay – Refer to Section 4.5 of the Travel Policy for specific guidelines and limitations.

12 Transportation Personal Vehicle The Texas Mileage Guide provides mileage between locations and calculates reimbursement. The distance in the guide is usually the maximum number of miles an employee may be reimbursed. The Texas Mileage Guide Odometer readings are allowed if the reimbursement request includes the date and point-to-point address information.

13 Transportation An employee may be reimbursed for mileage between headquarters or home and the airport. If travel occurs during work hours, reimbursement may not exceed the amount that would be paid for travel from headquarters to the airport.

14 Transportation An employee may be reimbursed for the mileage incurred by another person transporting the employee to the airport. Reimbursement may not exceed what would have been paid had the employee parked at the airport.

15 Transportation The latest time a passenger may check-in for a flight (as specified by the airline) determines whether travel is during work hours. The arrival time of a flight determines whether travel from the airport occurs during work hours.

16 Transportation Rented Vehicles Travelers are required to use the state-contracted rental companies unless a valid exception applies.state-contracted rental companiesvalid exception When considering low cost comparisons, note that state contract rates include basic insurance coverage – promotional rates typically exclude the cost of insurance.

17 Transportation Rented Vehicles Coordination of Transportation – Coordination of transportation means employees traveling together in one personally owned or rented vehicle. Coordination must occur when two or more employees, employed by the same department, travel from the same headquarters to the same duty point at the same time. When coordination is determined to be infeasible, a written statement identifying the reasons for that decision must be attached to each persons reimbursement request or in the notes of the electronic travel reimbursement form.

18 Transportation Rented Vehicles When an employee uses a rental vehicle for both business and personal reasons, only the portion attributable to System Administration business may be reimbursed.

19 Transportation Travel by Aircraft Travelers are required to use state-contract airfares unless a valid exception applies. Exceptions include:valid exception Lower total cost to the state Efficient use of services Health and safety issues

20 Transportation Travel by Aircraft If a state-contract fare is not available, reimbursement may not exceed the average published coach fare. Exceptions to use of state-contract fares must be noted in the Record of Transportation/Duties section of the Travel Reimbursement Voucher or in the notes of the electronic travel reimbursement form.Travel Reimbursement Voucher

21 Transportation State contracted airfares are available for employees traveling on official business, prospective employees, and unpaid speakers when transportation, meals, and incidental expenses are paid by System Administration. State contract rates cannot be used for personal travel or for an independent contractor, paid consultant, or groups of 10 or more.

22 Transportation Mass Transit, Taxi or Limousine Receipts (including dates of travel) are required if transportation is used to travel between cities, other than within a metro area. Receipts are not required for transportation within a city unless expenses exceed $25. The cost of a limousine may be reimbursed only if it is the lowest cost transportation available.

23 Meals and Lodging General Information When an entire trip begins and ends on the same day, per diem allowances and reimbursements are not allowed. Personnel are responsible for providing their own meals and snacks while engaged in same- day travel.

24 Meals and Lodging Travel in Texas Texas State Occupancy Tax - System Administration employees are exempt from Texas State Occupancy Tax. A traveler must present the lodging establishment with a completed exemption certificate and present System Administration identification.exemption certificate Employees are not exempt from county or municipal occupancy taxes or another states taxes.

25 Meals and Lodging Travel in Texas State Funds When state funds are used for in-state travel, a state-contracted hotel should be used. Exceptions must be documented in the Record of Transportation/Duties section of the reimbursement request.a state-contracted hotel Lodging will be reimbursed up to $85 per night. Meal costs are actual costs reimbursed up to $36 per day. Exceptions require advance approval. If maximum per diem is exceeded, an explanation must be provided on the reimbursement request. Lodging receipts (itemized) are required Meal receipts are required if expenses exceed $36 per day.

26 Meals and Lodging Travel in Texas Institutional Funds The combination of actual meal and lodging expenses cannot exceed $220 per day without prior approval. Lodging receipts (itemized) are required Meal receipts are required if expenses exceed $41 per day

27 Meals and Lodging Travel Outside of Texas (excluding foreign travel) State or Institutional Funds Reimbursement requests should not exceed the locality-based rates published by the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Amounts reimbursed are actual expenses.locality-based rates Exceptions require advance approval and notation on the reimbursement request Lodging receipts (itemized) are required If meal expenses exceed the state-allowed per diem, receipts are required When state funds are used for out-of-state travel, a state contract hotel must be used unless a valid exception applies.

28 Meals and Lodging Foreign Travel State funds cannot be used for foreign travel Mexico and Canada are considered domestic travel Reimbursement for foreign travel is based on actual expenses Travel must be planned to achieve maximum efficiency and economy Expenses must be pre-approved by the appropriate vice chancellor or executive vice chancellor Exceptions require advance approval and notation on the reimbursement request Lodging and meal receipts (itemized) are required.

29 Meals and Lodging Per Diem – The per diem amount is not an entitlement but rather the maximum allowed daily expense amount. A traveler should never request more than actual expenses incurred, not to exceed the per diem.

30 Other Expenses Parking / Toll Fees Fees are reimbursable and should be listed separately on the reimbursement request. Receipts are not required unless expenses exceed $25. Valet Parking Fees are reimbursable if the traveler is staying at or attending a conference at the establishment; otherwise it is considered personal and is not reimbursable. Ticket Cancellation/Change Fees Fees are reimbursable only if the charges are incurred for a business reason, personal emergency, illness, weather condition, or natural disaster.

31 Other Expenses Gratuities State Funds Gratuities are not a reimbursable expense. Institutional Funds A traveler may be reimbursed for reasonable tips and gratuities incurred. A tip or gratuity is separate from the daily meal limit. Tips and gratuities are itemized in the other travel expenses section of the reimbursement voucher. reimbursement voucher

32 Reimbursable Travel Expenses Examples of reimbursable expenses: Mandatory lodging and service charges Business telephone calls Copy and facsimile charges Books purchased for a seminar

33 Non-reimbursable Travel Expenses Examples of non-reimbursable expenses: Alcoholic beverages Toiletry items No-show charges for hotel/car service Excess baggage charges Airline club and/or upgrade fees

34 The Reimbursement Request/Voucher Use the Travel Reimbursement Checklist when preparing the reimbursement voucher.Travel Reimbursement Checklist The same reimbursement voucher is used for state and institutional funded travel.reimbursement voucher Submit the reimbursement request in a timely manner.

35 The Reimbursement Request/Voucher Maintain documentation of travel expenditures so that actual, allowable, and supported expenditures are submitted. The reimbursement request must include the original, signed travel approval form, when applicable, and original receipts for everything except meal per diem, parking meters, and public transportation within a city.

36 The Reimbursement Request/Voucher Department authorized signer must review and approve each travel reimbursement voucher. Review should include verification that: Expense was incurred while conducting business Expense complies with any restrictions on the use of funds Expense is charged to proper account Business purpose and travel dates are documented

37 The Reimbursement Request/Voucher Review – continued Applicable documentation is attached and matches reimbursement request The traveler and the approver have signed the request form Form is submitted to Accounting & Purchasing Services (paper form)

38 Resources Helpful web links include: Accounting and Purchasing Services web site Accounting and Purchasing Services Travel Services web site Travel Services State Travel Allowance Guide Overnight Travel in Texas Overnight Travel Outside Texas State Contract Airfares

39 Questions or Comments? Please contact: Nancy Sutherland, Travel Program Director Nancy Sutherland Jenny Murphy, Assistant Director, Accounting & Purchasing Services Jenny Murphy

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