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A clinical laboratory test report printing software.

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1 A clinical laboratory test report printing software.

2 print your patient’s test reports Now print your patient’s test reports very easily within seconds without the hassle of remembering about its normal ranges, special notes & cost etc. Just Tick the test to be done on patient and then input its results. Rest everything let E-Lab do for you. Configure your report Configure your report as per your need. Use Logos, Colors, Fonts, Lines, Pictures or preprinted stationary for your report printing. User Rights User Rights : enables you to keep a check over the operator’s entries. The operator has no rights to modify or delete the test report. Only administrator can modify or delete the test report

3 Tick the tests to be done Enter Test Results New Patient Entry

4 Just enter patient details Tick Tests Click on Save


6 Double Click on Patient Name Enter Test Results Click on Save.


8 Operator User The Operator can not modify or delete any reports once saved and printed. Operator can not see any display reports viz. daily collection, doctor commission and other reports. Operator can only enter new patient entry, new test report, print or re-print it. Administrator can modify or delete any report any time. Administrator can see all the display reports. This helps in keeping a check over operator’s entries and theft protection. Administrator User

9 Now you can modify or configure your test report format yourself as you wish. Use Colors, Fonts, Logos, Pictures, Lines and graphics to make your report attractive. Report can be configured as per your pre-printed stationary format. Report can be set for any kind of paper size. Report can be configured for window based printing or Dos based printing

10 Home screen provides an analytical view of all the tests, doctors and reporting trends for a particular time period.

11 Comparison reports helps you analyze the performance and profitability day by day, doctor wise, current tests trends etc.

12 Doctor wise Commission setting and reporting. Hospital wise daily reporting Test Wise, Doctor Wise, Date Wise Graphical Analysis. Track client’s Test reports, Results, History in a single click. Maintain and Print Notes about a particular test in the report, giving your test report a genuine and professional look. Even a Layman without any knowledge of computers and software can operate the software. Export Any report in Excel, PDF, MS Word, HTML or any other format No need to use MS word or other documentation software for reporting. It becomes very much time consuming and tedious process.


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