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02/04/2015 1 Developing the Innovation System: Challenges and Prospects Professor Erkki Oja Kiruna, 18 June 2007.

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1 02/04/2015 1 Developing the Innovation System: Challenges and Prospects Professor Erkki Oja Kiruna, 18 June 2007

2 02/04/2015 2 R&D in Finland in 2006 Employs some 77,000 people Research funding amounts to €5.7 billion, business companies account for 71% R&D input 3.4% of GDP Relatively, Finland is among the leading R&D performers 20 universities and 31 polytechnics More than 1,400 PhD graduates of which women account for 47%

3 02/04/2015 3 Public research funding actors in Finland

4 02/04/2015 4 R&D investment in selected OECD countries, and in China and Russia (% of GPD) Source: OECD, Main Science and Technology Indicators, 2006 / Statistics Finland, R&D activities 2005, 2007

5 02/04/2015 5 R&D expenditure in Finland in 1991–2006, by sector Other public sector 10% 565.5 million € Higher education sector 19% 1,113.1 million € Business companies 71% 4,057.7 million € Million €

6 02/04/2015 6 Academy of Finland in brief A national system of research councils covering all scientific disciplines The Academy’s tasks to promote scientific research and its application to develop international scientific cooperation to act as a science policy expert to provide funding for scientific research and other promotion of science 16% of Government R&D, 27% of external university R&D funding In 2007, the Academy provides 260 million euros in funding for high-level scientific research No own research institutes Each year some 5,000 people benefit from Academy research funding

7 02/04/2015 7 Funding schemes General research grants Research programmes Centre of Excellence programmes Research posts: Academy Professor and Academy Research Fellow Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (FiDiPro) Postdoctoral researcher’s projects Researcher mobility in working life and doctoral studies of employed persons Other funding (+ graduate schools funded by the Ministry of Education)

8 02/04/2015 8 Funding decisions of the Academy of Finland in 2006 Total €238.7 million

9 02/04/2015 9 Ongoing research programmes in 2007 Environmental, Societal and Health Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms, ESGEMO (2004–2007) Health Services Research, TERTTU (2004–2007) Industrial Design (2004–2007) Russia in Flux, RUSSIA (2004–2007) Social Capital and Networks of Trust, SOCA (2004–2007) Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, SYSBIO (2004–2007) Environment and Law, ENVLAW (2005–2008) Information Technology in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, KITARA (2005–2009) Business Know-how, LIIKE2 (2006–2009) Neuroscience, NEURO (2006–2009) Nanoscience, FinNano (2006–2010) Sustainable Production and Products, KETJU (2006–2010) Nutrition, Food and Health, ELVIRA (2007–2010) Power and Society in Finland, VALTA (2007–2010) Substance Use and Addictions, ADDIKTIO (2007–2010)

10 02/04/2015 10 How to get stronger impact? Emphasising high quality, interdisciplinarity and innovativeness Granting funding in larger blocks to research projects rated as excellent Promoting the interaction and cooperation between researchers and knowledge end-users (fe. business and industry) Impact is assessed over the long term Strategic partnership with universities and other funding agencies (especially Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes)

11 02/04/2015 11 R&D in Finland: success factors Political consensus and trust Well-functioning system of science and technology policy Consistent and high investment in R&D (public and private) Nokia-effect Growing share of competitive public R&D funding Active collaboration in research both nationally and internationally Good public – private co-operation A high level of education among entire population

12 02/04/2015 12 Challenges for science policy in Finland Limited economic and intellectual resources Fragmented system of universities and polytechnics Scientific infrastructures Researchers’ career opportunities International mobility

13 02/04/2015 13 A new instrument for public private –partnership in R&D Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation will provide a new way of coordinating dispersed research resources to meet targets that are important for Finnish business and society. In the strategic centres Companies, universities and research institutes will agree on a joint research plan. The plan will aim to meet the needs for practical application by companies within a 5-10-year period. In addition to shareholders, public funding organisations will commit themselves to providing funding for the centres in the long term. DM 249834 12-2006 Copyright © Tekes

14 02/04/2015 14 Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation International partner Cluster Ltd. Companies Universities Research institutes Cluster Ltd. Companies Universities Research institutes Virtual research organisation Technology transfer R&D and innovation program 1, 2 of centre Centre A, B Cooperating companies Universities Research organisations Cooperating companies Universities Research organisations Strategic partners DM 249834 12-2006 Copyright © Tekes Company Research institute

15 02/04/2015 15 Strategic decisions and visions New university law: ”the third mission” of the universities ”Sustainable and Dynamic partnership. Research cooperation and researcher training between universities, research institutes and business and industry.” Publications of the Academy of Finland, 7/05 (about us/publications) Government resolution on the structural development of the public research system (7.4.2005) A national strategy document ”Science, Technology, Innovation”. Science and technology policy council of Finland (June 2006) Government Programme 19 April, 2007

16 02/04/2015 16 The new Government’s programme (science and innovation policy) ”The goal of the Government is to offer entrepreneurs and innovators the world’s best operating environment.” ”The Government will prepare a national innovation strategy at the very outset of its term.” ”The goal is to increase funding for research and development during the current parliamentary term to four per cent of GNP. Achieving this goal will require a strong, unified commitment on the part of the Government and the business community.” ”..the Government will implement and fund strategic centres for science, technology and innovation on the basis of the proposal (made by Science and Technology Policy Council in 2006). With the centres of expertise program based on cluster networks, the Government will especially strengthen the innovation base in the regions and promote cooperation between business and the education and research communities.” ”A top-level university for research and education will be composed of the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.” ”A new Ministry of Labour and Industry will be established…”

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