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Mutual accountability and aid transparency Mutual accountability and aid transparency Republic of Moldova 1IATI meeting, OECD Conference center.

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1 Mutual accountability and aid transparency Mutual accountability and aid transparency Republic of Moldova 1IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

2 Freedom of information Act and aid transparency Institutional arrangements for aid management Aid information by donors Next steps 2IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

3 Freedom of information acts Law on access to the information (may 2000) Law on Transparency in the decision making process (noiembrie 2008) 3IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

4 Aid trasparency Aid transparency – Paris Declaration commitments IDEA – was developed in the 1990s by Planet Consultants (NL) for the European Commission Followed by the CIS countries in the period 1999 – 2001 IDEA in Moldova from 2002. 4IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

5 What is IDEA and what does it do ? Allows for reporting on the basis of standard reports and export of data to excel for manipulation to prepare custom reports, Allows to move to an entire paperless office for the NCU, Is first and all designed to support internal operations of the NCU and allow access to the information by anyone on the network 5IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

6 IDEA was implemented to promote transparency and accountability of funds, result-driven decision-making and aid effectiveness. linked to 3IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

7 7

8 Institutional arrangement for aid management the Regulation regarding the institutional framework and mechanism of co-ordination of the external assistance provided to Moldova by international organizations and donor countries approved by GD nr.12 from January 19, 2010 8IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

9 Reform of aid coordination: new Regulation Government ownership National Aid Coordinator and Sector coordinators National Committee and Sector Councils Joint Partnership Council IATI meeting, OECD Conference center9

10 New Institutional Framework IATI meeting, OECD Conference center10 National Committee for Strategic Planning Sector Coordinators & Sector Councils National Aid Coordinator & National Coordination Unit State Chancellery Joint Partnership Council Donors meetings

11 National Coordination Unit Key Government focal Point for the oversight and coordination of external aid Ensure operational and methodological programming, monitoring and evaluation of aid at national level Record and ensure the transparency of external assistance IATI meeting, OECD Conference center11

12 Sector Coordination Councils Sector Coordination Councils Make recommendations on sector policy and priorities through joint analytical work, identify sector assistance priorities and project proposals Participate in drafting sector strategies, action plans, and expenditure plans, including sector aid allocations, as well as sector monitoring and evaluation framework Monitor and evaluate sector policy implementation, as well as efficiency, effectiveness and impact of aid delivered Approve sector monitoring reports and provide inputs to NDS/EU- Moldova progress reports Chair: Minister (Sector Aid Coordinator) Membership: Representative of each active Development Partner, Heads of relevant Ministerial Departments, NCU staff, NGOs as relevant, private sector as relevant IATI meeting, OECD Conference center12

13 Joint Partnership Council Joint Partnership Council High-level forum for dialogue on aid coordination, ensuring impact on achieving national priorities, monitoring NDS implementation Align partners interventions with Government of Moldova sector plans to ensure that planning, budgeting and programme implementation are aligned and reinforce each other Review progress made in the fulfillment of commitments in the Partnership Principles Co-Chairs: Prime Minister and a Development Partner (rotating) Members: NDS Inter-Ministerial Committee, Ambassadors/Heads of Development Partner Agencies, private sector, NGOs Government resolution from April 8 th, 2011 approved the framework for the Council. IATI meeting, OECD Conference center13

14 Achivements Behavioural changes: by government – better coordinated policies with MTEF, absorption capacity of ODA increased by providers – better alignment on the national priorities, more orientation for growing the capacities within the institutions 14IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

15 ODA Disbursed (in million USD) 15IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

16 Technical cooperation (in mil. USD) 16IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

17 ODA in Context GDP: USD 5.8 bln (2010)/ ODA 7.7% Government expenditure : USD 2.4 bln (2010)/ 18.9 % ODA Government revenue: USD 2.2 bln (2010)/ 20% ODA 17IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

18 Challenges Challenges Time consuming gathering data from donor or line ministries. Manual introduction of data from the spreadsheet into the IDEA. Reporting and graphs – on export data to excel M&E tools limitation. Quality of information Mutual accountability across stakeholders –local government agencies, Parliament, civil society organization 18IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

19 Next steps Develop further database – tools for better planning and M&E E-government agenda IATI coverage for Moldova 19IATI meeting, OECD Conference center

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