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Present Perfect Tense A Birthday Party.

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1 Present Perfect Tense A Birthday Party

2 It is Johnny’s birthday today.
What are they going to do?

3 Birthday Party Clean the house Decorate the sitting room
Draw some invitation cards Buy some drinks Prepare some food Make a cake Prepare some games Buy some presents

4 It is 12 o’clock now. What have they done?

5 They have cleaned the house already.

6 They have drawn some invitation cards already.

7 They have made a cake already.

8 They have prepared some food already.

9 What haven’t they done? They haven’t bought any presents yet.
They haven’t bought any drinks yet. They haven’t prepared any games yet. They haven’t decorated the sitting room yet. They haven’t bought any presents yet.

10 When do you use present perfect tense?
Are there any words to give you some hints? already yet just before for since

11 PRACTICE 1. What have you had for your breakfast? 2. What has your neighbour just done? 3. Which countries have you visited before? 4. How long have you studied in this school? (for / since) 5. What haven’t you done today yet?

12 Sally has wrote a letter to her friend today.
Proof-reading It’s Sunday today. Sally has done a lot of things. Look at the following sentences. Find the mistakes for her. written Sally has wrote a letter to her friend today. ______ hasn’t 2. She haven’t finished her homework yet. _______ already 3. She has sent a birthday card to her brother yet. ____ taught 4. She has teached her sister how to do a Maths problem. ________ has drawn 5. She drew a picture since 2 o’clock. _____

13 Kitty has drawn a picture today. Look at her picture for 15 seconds.

14 True or False 1. She has put in 5 triangles. (T)
2. She has coloured the biggest triangle blue. (F) She has drawn a blue circle inside a yellow rectangle. (T) (T) 4. She has drawn 5 rectangles in total. (T) 5. She has made one circle yellow.

15 Activity 1 Lily is studying in the kindergarten.
This is what she does every day. She goes to school. She plays with her father. She plays the piano.

16 She reads her books. She skips. She goes swimming.

17 But Lily is ill today. She cannot do anything.
What hasn’t she done? Tell your neighbour.

18 Activity 2 You want to tell your friend that you’re cleverer / braver/ more hardworking than him/her. So think of two things you have done before to prove it and ask if he/she has done those as well. Example: I am braver than you. I have stayed in my house alone for two days before. Have you stayed in your house alone for two days before? I have killed a cockroach before. Have you killed a cockroach before? Suggested adjectives for comparison: Brave, clever, hardworking, friendly, kind, helpful, etc .

19 The End

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