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Bursars Forum November 2014 School Funding Summary.

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1 Bursars Forum November 2014 School Funding Summary

2 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) 3 Funding Blocks: Schools Block High Needs Block Early years Block Other Grants Pupil Premium Universal Infant Free School Meals PE & Sport Sixth Form funding Initial Teacher Training (salaried)

3 Budget Presentation 1. Schools Block 2. High Needs Block 3. Early years Block 4. Grants 5. Payment schedule All budgets linked to a CFR code I01 - Delegated budget share I02 - Sixth Form Funding I03 – SEN Top-Up

4 Schools Block Centrally retained & de-delegated budgets Schools Funding Formula Based on the October census data Expanding schools receive adjusted roll Fixed for the financial year Basic teaching & learning (including all schools costs) Notional SEN (up to £6k) per smaller cohort of pupils

5 High Needs Block High Needs places set aside in Special schools and specialist units (at £10k) Top-Up for pupils requiring additional support Varies according to pupils on roll Banded rates Each local authority funding pupils placed.

6 Early Years Block Funding for free entitlement (15 hours) for 2, 3 & 4 year olds Paid to schools on estimated numbers Hourly rates, weighted for deprivation & quality Allocation varies according to pupil participation Full time places funded for vulnerable pupils Capped at a maximum of 56% of FE

7 Other Grants (1) Sixth Form Funding (CFR I02) Based on sixth form learner numbers Includes bursary funding Academic year, monthly payments Pupil Premium (CFR I05) Based on January census, rates vary on phase of pupil Funding for looked after children (LAC), post adoption & service children Fixed for each financial year Quarterly payments, 25% Includes Summer School (secondary)

8 Other Grants (2) Initial Teacher Training (CFR I06) School Direct (Salaried) on behalf the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). Academic Year Year 7 catch up (CFR I06) Underachievement at Key Stage 2 One retrospective payment in February Primary School PE & Sport (CFR I18) Based on January census Academic year grant, two payments, 7/12 (October) and 5/12ths (April) Universal Infant FSM (CFR I18) Based on January and October census, for Key stage 1 pupils roll, less eligible pupils. Academic year grant, 7/12 & 5/12

9 Changes for 2015-16 (1) Schools Block Funding Formula Expanding schools receive adjusted roll for planned new pupils Following year pupils numbers adjusted for actual Primary Lump sump increase to £151k High Needs Block Top-Up to be reviewed for Special schools and units Alternative provision places increase to £10k Funding review planned by DFE for 2015-16 Early Years Block Funding review planned by DFE for 2015-16

10 Changes for 2015-16 (2) Pupil Premium Grant Increase in Primary Pupil Premium rate for 2015-16 (£1,320) Adoption from Care time restriction removed (previously Dec 2005) Introduction of early years pupil premium to 3 and 4 year olds (0.53p per hour / £300 per year)

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