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High needs funding arrangements: 2014 to 2015 Briefing for academies Russell Ewens Funding Policy Unit.

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1 High needs funding arrangements: 2014 to 2015 Briefing for academies Russell Ewens Funding Policy Unit

2  Knowing about the high needs changes in 2014 to 2015  Understanding the place review process  Understanding the impact on your academy High needs priorities for academies

3 Context for 2014 to 2015 changes  2 nd year of new funding system  High needs funding one element of wider funding reforms  School funding reforms – the £6K threshold  Places review co-ordinated by local authorities

4 Impact on different academies £6K threshold and the local formula Mainstream academy without a designated special unit and no sixth form £6K threshold and the places review Mainstream academy with a designated special unit and/or sixth form Place review only Special and AP academies Continuing discussions with local authorities on top up funding All academies

5 SEN reforms in Children and Families Bill  New Education, Health and Care Plans  Local authorities publish their offer of services to support SEND  New system due to come into effect from September 2014 – which funding system is designed to support

6 About the places review  Place funding around 1/3 of high needs funding outside mainstream school budgets  Local authorities leading a review of the distribution of place funding  Important for special and AP academies and mainstream academies with special units and/or sixth forms  Focus on actual placements in the 2013 to 2014 academic year

7 Places review timeline DateEvent July 2013Initial information published LAs received data September- October 2013 Briefings to LAs on high needs arrangements October- 23 December 2013 LAs review high needs places in collaboration with institutions January 2014 onwards EFA calculate allocations to LAs and institutions

8 £6K threshold  From 2014 funding delegated through local formula to allow schools to meet special needs costs up to £6k  EFA will help LAs finding transition difficult  Scope for additional funding to be given where local formula does not target enough money  Academies and LAs discuss additional funding need and distribution criteria

9 Role of local authorities Local Authority Prime responsibility for planning and funding high needs provision Working with academies, schools and schools forum Work with institutions and other LAs to review distribution of places Embed other aspects of high needs funding and SEN reforms Review and confirm individual pupil/student placements and associated top-up funding

10 Role of the Education Funding Agency Education Funding Agency Support LAs on high needs funding issues Support LAs’ places review activity Consider submissions from LAs and institutions’ exceptional cases Provide final DSG allocations to LAs and other funding allocations to institutions, including academies For academies, high needs place funding will be in funding allocation (FAP)

11 Role of institutions Institutions Get involved in places review activity with LAs commissioning places Accurately complete the school census in October Check the Funding Allocation Pack (FAP) when it is issued NB institutions do not need to return any other data

12 High needs budget issues  Local authority allocations remain cash flat per pupil in 2014 to 2015  National Fair Funding Formula to be introduced in 2015  Cannot assume more funds available in 2014 to 2105  Place number increases should be rare as otherwise unaffordable

13 What to expect in the next 4 months DateEvent October - December To be contacted by LAs about current levels of all high needs places, including those commissioned by other LAs Mid FebruaryTo see your high needs place funding allocation in your FAP, and the local formula budget share for mainstream academies (including notional SEN budget)

14 Other online events  Presentations: -Pre-16 Funding -Post 16 funding -High needs for local authorities  Webinars -High needs for academies (20 November) -Funding for Free Schools, University Technology Colleges and Studio Schools (25 November) -To register for a webinar, please follow this link: -

15 Funding guidance available on the DfE website and Resources tab of the Live Group portal ( Academy enquiries can be addressed to Responses on the Feedback tab of the Live Group portalFeedback Further information

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