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Slavery compromises chart

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1 Slavery compromises chart
U.S. History Chapter 16

2 Missouri Compromise Clay made this compromise which would keep the amount of free and slave states equal.

3 Missouri Compromise HENRY CLAY from the West

4 Missouri Compromise It stated that there could not be a slave state above the 36’30’N latitude line, except for Missouri

5 Missouri Compromise It solved the issue with the Louisiana Purchase until the U.S. gained land to the Pacific.

6 Compromise of 1850 California wanted to be admitted into the Union as a free state, which was not covered in the Missouri Compromise.

7 Compromise of 1850 Stephen Douglas from Illinois

8 Compromise of 1850 Admits California as a free state
Popular sovereignty in NM & UT Settles TX/ NM Border Bans slave trade in D.C. Fugitive Slave Act

9 Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Act enraged Northerners. It would create problems again when more territories wanted to be annexed into the Union.

10 Kansas-Nebraska Act If Kansas was added into the Union as a free state, it would upset the balance of free/slave states. Suggestion to split Kansas into two states, with slavery issue resolved by popular sovereignty.

11 Kansas-Nebraska Act Stephen Douglas from Illinois

12 Kansas-Nebraska Act Gave Kansas and Nebraska the right to decide slavery issue by popular sovereignty.

13 Kansas-Nebraska Act Kansas had two governments: one in supporting slavery and the other opposed. The violence that resulted was called “Bleeding Kansas” due to the loss of 200 lives.

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