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Chapter 15, Section 1 Slavery and the West.

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1 Chapter 15, Section 1 Slavery and the West

2 The Missouri Compromise
In 1819 eleven states in the Union permitted slavery and _________________ did not. The request by _____________ for admission as a state caused a debate because its constitution allowed slavery. The North and South had been competing for new lands in the western territories

3 Clay’s Proposal The _____________________ suggested that Congress admit Missouri as a slave state and ______________ as a free state. The _______________________ passed in 1820.

4 New Western Lands The territories of Texas, New Mexico, and _________________ renewed the dispute over the issue of slavery. The annexation of _________________ became the main issue in the presidential election of 1844.

5 Conflicting Views During the war with Mexico, the _________________ was proposed in Congress. It specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands acquired from _________________. Senator ________________ countered, proposing that neither Congress nor a territorial government had the authority to ban _______________.

6 The Free Soil Party The ____________________ Party was formed when neither presidential candidate in 1848 would take a stand on slavery. The possibility of new states entering the Union renewed Southern concern over the balance of power in the _______________. “Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor, and Free Men.”

7 California President Taylor had wanted California and New Mexico to apply for statehood immediately after being acquired Doing so would have upset the balance of power in Congress.

8 A New Compromise In _________________ Senator Henry Clay presented a multi-part plan to settle the issues dividing Congress. This launched an emotional debate that lasted ___________.

9 The Compromise of 1850 Finally, ________________ took charge of resolving the crisis. The laws that passed in Congress, known as the ________________, contained the five main points of Clay’s original plan. 1. California would be admitted as a free state 2. The New Mexico territory would have no restrictions on slavery 3. The New Mexico-Texas border dispute would be settled in favor of New Mexico 4. Slave trade would be abolished in the District of Colombia 5. There would be a stronger fugitive slave law

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