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ACD Training.

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1 ACD Training

2 Agenda Logging In Header Toolbar Main Dashboard Searching Calls
My Agents Searching Calls Reports

3 Portal Log In Go to
Agent and Supervisor URL is same Access is controlled through login details

4 Header Toolbar Capability to make yourself Busy (Red) or Ready (Green)
Supervisor User Capabilities Logout Change Password Change Location Monitoring

5 Main Dashboard Single screen to manage Agents and Calls in Queue
Capability to collapse section that is not required (highlighted in red below)

6 Standard Options Sections Calls, Agents, and Search Calls have similar navigation functionality Search Agents Opens the Search Option Choose Number of Agents to View on Page Options range from Ability to page through all agents Refresh Information Total set of agents as well as which ones are currently being viewed

7 My Agents Menu My Agents menu allows you to monitor agents to see live activity and status Options to monitor: Subset of agents All agents Ability to modify which queues and/or agents that are being monitored

8 My Agents Menu Continued
Select an Agent in the list and you will be able to perform the following actions: Make Busy Make Ready Edit Remove From Monitored

9 Edit Agents From the My Agents menu you can Edit Agents
Not all fields are modifiable Modify the address Reset Passwords

10 Modifying Queues to Monitor
At the queue level you can easily modify whether you are monitoring All Queues or choose a specific queue to monitor Simply select the arrow, the drop down will allow you to select the queue to monitor

11 Configuring Queues Select the Queue to Configure Select Agent(s)
To select multiple agents hold the Ctrl button while selecting the agent Set Agent(s) Priority

12 Adding Agents to Monitor
If monitoring a subset you can select additional agents to monitor through the “Monitor More Agents” button The site will pop-up a box to select the agents to monitor To select multiple agents hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the agents to be monitored Agents selected will be highlighted in blue, see below Then click “Add & Close”

13 Calls Menu From the Calls Menu you are able to take action against calls that are currently in progress in your queues Monitor Calls Whisper Calls See a History of the Call

14 Search Calls To review specific calls there is a “Search Calls” button in the Calls menu Once selected a new screen will open with options to find the call or calls

15 Search Call Options In order to assist you narrowing down the number of results returned we have several filters that can be utilized Date Range Calls are kept for 120 days Range cannot exceed 30 days

16 Search Call Options Continued
Beyond date range there are multiple options to narrow down results If you know the exact call that you are looking for you can search either by Unique ID or ANI Abandoned – See all abandoned or all non-abandoned calls Call Type – Only see calls based on how the call originated, Recorded DID, Outbound, or Queue Calls Agent & Queue Name – Filter by specific agents or queues

17 Search Results Results will provide a significant amount of information regarding each call Recording – Option to listen to the call through a .wav file Status – Provides information on whether the call was answered or not

18 Search Results Continued
Field Selection Choose which fields you want displayed Remove fields that are not relevant to your search purpose Remove a field by unselecting the box highlighted in red below Default will show all fields Sort Fields Review abandoned calls first by clicking on “Status” header Default will sort by “Call Date”

19 Call Recordings All call recordings are in .wav format
Option to either Open or Save the file

20 Call History Option Through the Search Results you are also able to see a history of the call Not all calls have historical data

21 Navigating Back to Dashboard
Top left of screen is an option “Home” Select that link and you will be directed back to the Dashboard

22 Downloading Reports Two types of reports are available:
Queue Reports Agent Reports Select Location Select Date Range Data available: Last 120 Days Maximum Range: 30 Days Select “Get Report”

23 Reporting All reports are formatted as .csv
Option to either “Open” or “Save” File name includes: Type Location Date Range

24 Sample Agent Report

25 Sample Queue Report

26 QUESTIONS? If you have questions please contact EarthLink Business Customer Care at

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