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An Overview of the Legal System of Hong Kong

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1 An Overview of the Legal System of Hong Kong
Speaker: Ludwig Ng (伍兆榮律師)

2 Some Philosophical Questions
Why do we need a legal system? What’s a good legal system? What’s the relationship between democracy and a good legal system?

3 What constitutes a legal system?
the Laws the Institutions the Personnel

4 Hierarchy of Laws The China Constitution The Basic Law
Bills of Rights Ordinance Ordinances Subsidiary Legislation Case Law (judge-made law)

5 Classification of Laws

6 Classification of Laws
Criminal Law Civil Law

7 CRIMINAL LAW Offences against persons Offences against properties
Regulatory offences Criminal procedures law Criminal evidence law

8 CIVIL LAW Contract sale of goods agency employment

9 CIVIL LAW Torts negligence nuisance defamation ….

10 CIVIL LAW Property personal property real property
intellectual properties

11 CIVIL LAW Inheritance Trusts Company law Insolvency law

12 CIVIL LAW Civil procedures law Civil evidence law

13 Institutions The Courts The Legislative Council The NPC
Department of Justice Legal Aid Department

14 Institutions The Law Enforcement Agencies The Law Schools Police
Customs ICAC Immigration Labour Department The Law Schools

15 The Court Hierarchy Court of Final Appeal Court of Appeal
High Court – the jury District Court Magistracy Small Claims Tribunal Labour Tribunal Obscene Articles Tribunal

16 The Personnel The Lawyers solicitors barristers government lawyers
In-house legal advisers the law professors

17 The Personnel The judges The legislators The law enforcers

18 Some practical questions
Do we have a good legal systems? How could we make it better?

19 Thank you! Please clap hands 
The End Thank you! Please clap hands 

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