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Categories of Law CLN4U.

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1 Categories of Law CLN4U

2 Common vs. Civil Civil Law Common Law
A system in which all laws are codified in statutes Based on Napoleon’s Civil Code Common Law Law that is based on past decisions of judges (case law) Based on British system

3 Substantive vs. Procedural
Substantive Law Statutes, codes, judicial decisions Procedural Law The proper steps and rules to follow in a legal action

4 Domestic vs. International
Domestic Law Laws a sovereign state makes within its territory International Law Agreements between sovereign states Ex: extradition acts, free trade Also, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Kyoto protocol

5 Private Law i.e. “civil law” – disputes between individuals
Contract law upholds legal agreements Property law rights and obligations associated with property (house, car, etc.) Tort law determines compensation for damages incurred (law suit) from a wilful act or negligence Family law governs relations between families (marriage, children (support, custody) divorce Corporate law public and private corporations stocktrading, shareholders’ rights, mergers/acquisitions

6 Public Law Governs the relationship between the state and the individual Constitutional law set of rules that define government: levels and functions, jurisdiction Criminal law disputes between state and individuals federal statutes set laws Administrative law gov’t agencies and tribunals

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