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Curriculum Planning at St Josephs Academy 15/03/2011.

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1 Curriculum Planning at St Josephs Academy 15/03/2011

2 Ethos and life of the school in its community Vision Values Aims

3 P1-7

4 Interdisciplinary Learning Continuity Quality of experience Making connections Challenge and enjoyment for staff and pupils

5 Interdisciplinary Learning Enrichment & enhancement through enquiry RIGOUR PLANNING Allows the process/experience to deliver learning

6 Personal Learning Planning Learning to learn Delivery of H&WB Joined-up thinking with subject areas Mentoring

7 Diploma of Achievement Successful learners Learning Targets Certification Progress with Literacy, Numeracy, HWB

8 Diploma of Achievement Confident Individuals Personal Development Creativity Commitment HWB Uphold school values

9 Diploma of Achievement Effective Contributors Service to the school community D of E, John Muir award,extra- curricular activities

10 Diploma of Achievement Responsible Citizens Timekeeping Attendance Good Conduct BBBL Reward scheme

11 Recognising Achievement E-solution Pupil ownership Parental access

12 SMT Senior Phase Discussion Prompts Pupil Name TASK: Choose 3 current S3 pupils, whom you know, and for them complete a set of Options Choices which you think they would and/or would suit them. Be speculative about the sorts of options which might be available or that ideally you would want pupils to be free to select from. An exemplar is provided. Complete three varied possibilities for discussion at the next SMT meeting to support more focused thinking about pupil needs and the consequent operational issues there might be. Col A1 Col A2 Col B1 Col B2 Col C1 Col C2 Col D1 Col D2 Col E1 Col E2 English H Drama N5 French H Spanish N5 Maths H Finance N5History H Mod St. N4 R.E./P.E. PSD N5 English H Drama N5 French H Spanish N5 Maths H Maths HHistory H PSD H R.E./P.E. PSD H English N5 Drama N5 French N5 Enterprise Ac Maths N5 Enterprise AcCitizenship ProdDes. N4 R.E./P.E. PSD N5 Note Each lettered segment of time is equal to 6 periods which is sub-divided by number to four periods and two periods respectively. The four period slot would represent a major subject and the two period slot would be minor. It may be desirable to amend these choices at the end of S4 and S5 based on progress. If a course choice is not directly stated as Ent. Acad. Then the course chosen will contain a discrete element which contributes to delivery of the Enterprise entitlement

13 Implications Savings??!!? Additional pressures??!!? Needs of all learners

14 Curricular Development flexibility and innovation Staff Development Review linked to improvement Pupil Development Ownership and responsibility Development Model PARTNERSHIP Parents, Local Community, Business Advocates, Public Services and agencies, International links

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