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Why Market First  We Work with a Retailer’s Call Center or the Market First Preferred Call Center to Maximize their Effectiveness by Offering:  Scripting.

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2 Why Market First  We Work with a Retailer’s Call Center or the Market First Preferred Call Center to Maximize their Effectiveness by Offering:  Scripting Advice to help Close Sales  Satellite Industry Education to Create Stronger Employees  Coaching to Improve Customer Service  Training to Overcome Objectives and Retain Customers  Teaching them to Accept, Manage, Close and Follow up with Each Call Because of it’s Major Impact on Controlling the Cost per Subscriber  We Specialize in Growing Medium to Large Retailers and Helping Them Realize their Potential by:  Ensuring Best Business Practices are in Place  Establishing Realistic and Achievable Goals  Coordinating the Sales Effort with Operations to Maintain Steady, Profitable Growth  Implementing a Sales Tracking Program to Monitor both Call Center and Advertising Effectiveness  Building Customized Advertising Plans that Work

3 Market First Background  Founded in 1995, Market First is a top direct marketing agency in Atlanta, specializing in marketing and advertising programs in the business-to-consumer environment. Advertising solutions include customer acquisition programs, customer retention, frequency marketing, direct mail, print advertising and point of sale fulfillment.  In 2001, the Atlanta Business Chronicle recognized Market First as one of Atlanta's 50 fastest growing private companies. Market First was also recognized in 2002 by INC Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, ranking #78. Our clients include regional and national accounts in the Automotive, Restaurant, Real Estate, Optical and Satellite TV categories.  We have over 12 years of successful satellite advertising experience. We know how to reach, motivate and get the prospect to buy.

4 Market First Objectives  Offer DISH Retailers a Program with Real Value  Provide Retailers Centralized Buying Advantages for Numerous Advertising Options  Offer Timely Co-Op Compliance Solutions and Filing  Increase Retailer Business Productivity and Profitability  Solve Marketing Challenges at the Retailer Level  Increase Overall DISH Sales  Decrease Cost Per Sale  Reduce Customer Churn  Identify Retailers with Potential and Grow their Business

5 Market First Benefits to Retailers  We Offer Unbiased Advice, Solid Recommendations and Proven Solutions to Help Drive Sales.  We Integrate Advertising, Call Center, Sales, Installation, Tracking, Churn Management and Operations Processes.  We have Call Center Experts in Scripting, Sales Closing Techniques, Retention and Evaluation Processes that Help Retailers Improve.  We Custom Design Each Marketing Campaign for Each Retailer with Competitive Edge Advertising by Utilizing a Historical Satellite Sales Database for Campaign Recommendations.  We Have In-House Direct Response Creative Design Experts to Help Drive Maximum Calls Through Creative Techniques.  We Offer Complete Sales Tracking and Campaign Analysis to Help Retailers Improve Month after Month.

6 Campaign Philosophy  We Begin with an Exploratory Call to Review Overall Retailer Ability, Sales Goal, Market Preference, Budget and Call Center Aptitude.  A Strategic Campaign is Developed, Customized and Presented to Each Individual Retailer for Review and Approval.  We Match Available Advertising Options to our Historical Satellite Database. Each Campaign Provides Detail that Outlines Budgets, Strategies, Tactics, Marketing Dates, Targeted DMAs, Circulations, Total Cost and Associated Print and Execution Deadlines.  Our Customized Campaigns Include Multiple Advertising Vehicles and Opportunities Including First Right of Refusal, Pre-Selects, Fill in/Remnant and Performance Based Metrics.  We Follow Up with Call Forecasting Calendars, Call Center Coaching and Post Campaign Analysis.

7 Customized Campaigns Include Tactic Media by Date and Circulation Provide Summary of DMAs by Date and Circulation  Turn-Key Solutions and Detail for Each Retailer’s Campaign We Offer Call Forecasting to Allow for Proper Staffing Decreased Abandon Rates and Increased Close Rates

8 Call Center Consulting  Improving Call Center Operations and Staff  Consulting Levels to Meet Each Retailer’s Competency  Product Training and Development  Tracking Performance and Enhancement  Weekly Conference Calls with Staff  On-Site Training and Testing  Recruiting and Interviewing Deployment  Increasing Call Center Productivity and Sales  Call Overflow Solutions  Scripting Assistance Including Products and Offers  Closing and Pre-closing Skill Development  Sales Training to Increase Product Upgrades  Customer Satisfaction Indexing and Churn Reduction Programs

9 Sales Tracking and Campaign Analysis Advertising Response and Sales Dollars are Tracked by Month for Big Picture Performance. Response/ Abandons/Conversions/CPS Retailers Markets and Programs can be Tracked in Detail  Post Campaign Analysis for Each Retailer and Campaign are Used to Improve On-going Marketing Efforts

10 Unique and Real Value  We Fully Understand the Complete Sales Cycle and Cost of Satellite Subscriber Acquisition. Utilizing our Knowledge and Experience, We Train, Assist and Improve Retailer’s Operations, Marketing, Call Center, Sales and Retention Efforts.  Our Evaluation, Tracking and Analysis Processes Clearly Define the Retailers Strengths and Weaknesses. We Teach Accountability Practices at All Levels of the Business so the Retailers can Reach Their Maximum Potential.  All This, Combined with Our Experience in Aligning Effective Campaigns and Sales Strategies with Each Retailer's Ability, Makes Us Unique and a Valuable Asset to Every Retailer We Work With.

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