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How Does Accreditation Help us Run a Successful American School?

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2 How Does Accreditation Help us Run a Successful American School?

3 What is Accreditation? Accreditation Defined:
A process to evaluate and recognize an institution for meeting peer developed standards established for the purpose of promoting quality education.

4 How does inspection differ from accreditation?
Government inspections (KHDA) measure the school against other schools based on the schools progress and attainment. NEASC/CIS accreditation inspections measure the school against the school’s own standards and their mission statement.

5 Accreditation Helps Schools Prepare for DSIB
DSIB Inspections CIS/NEASC Accreditation Students’ Progress and Attainment in Key Subjects Personal and social development Teaching, learning and assessment Curriculum Support  School Culture and Partnerships for Learning Governance and Leadership Overall Performance Mission and School Vision Driven Teaching & Learning Governance & Leadership Faculty & Support Staff Access to Teaching & Learning School Culture & Partnerships for Learning Operational Systems

6 Our Mission community service and environmental responsibility.
American Academy in Al Mizhar is committed to meeting the needs of families with an international outlook who have chosen an American education. By offering a co-educational early childhood program for dual language learners leading to a single gender college preparatory school for girls, our mission is to promote intellectual curiosity, independent and critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, a lifelong passion for learning, and an exposure to and a respect for cultural diversity.  By expecting academic excellence, we inspire personal growth and develop intrinsically motivated global citizens who are committed to being leaders in community service and environmental responsibility. Spring 2012

7 Accreditation: Purpose and Value
The Value of Accreditation

8 The Purpose of Dual Accreditation:
To be measured against both American and International standards.

9 Accreditation Value Value to the School : Value to the Student:
Access to greater opportunities for higher education Improved educational quality and consistency Value of external validation and the need for assessments and improvements Opportunity to engage with school more directly The opportunity for self-assessment Improved intra-school contact and understanding An evaluation by peers A plan for the future Confirmation of the school’s needs  The award of accreditation itself


11 SELF STUDY Is school specific Is staff driven
Requires parental and community input Requires reflection, discussion, consensus and back-up Tells the story of how and how well the school meets CIS/NEASC standards for good schooling

12 VISITING COMMITTEE Reads the self study
Spends four days watching the school in action Meets and discusses the self study with members of the school’s community Provides objective assessment of the conclusions of the self study Determines the degree to which the school meets the standards Develops the final report which includes perceptions, commendations and recommendations Makes a recommendation about accreditation to CIS/NEASC

13 FOLLOW UP Prioritize the recommendations found in the Visiting Committee Report Identify the responsible people and develop action plan Establish a timeline Develop strategies, adopt and adapt them, and assess the results Prepare appropriate reports: Two Year Report Special Progress Reports Five Year Report Celebrate the accomplishments

Self Awareness Self Evaluation Planning Opportunities Upholding Standards Quality Control Public Accountability School Approval School Improvement

15 So…. How did accreditation help us become a better school?

16 AAM – After Accreditation
Links with Parents and the Community Living the Mission Empowerment of Staff

17 Empowerment of Staff Increased staff morale - the accreditation process fostered staff unity, collegiality and rapport, thereby giving all school staff a feeling of ownership in the school’s successes. Improved instruction - recommendations led to positive changes in areas such as curriculum and assessment. Greater staff teamwork and collegiality - accreditation led to the formation of “Professional Learning Communities.”


19 The AAM Family – Success with Linking the Community

20 Environmentally Aware
LIVING THE MISSION Lifelong Learner Community Leader Independent and Critical Thinker Global Citizen Cultural Diversity Environmentally Aware

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