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Research on Effective Teaching

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1 Research on Effective Teaching
Jim Flowers Department of Agricultural and Extension Education North Carolina State University

2 Effective Teachers Over 1,200 studies on effective teaching
Five variables have been identified

3 Effective Teaching Measurement of Effective Teachers: How much do students learn. Studies have shown that teachers make a difference: good teachers can increase student learning and poor teachers can have a residual effect on overall student development. Students can recover from the effects of a poor teacher, but their progress is slow

4 Being an Effective Teacher
Most Important Characteristics Enthusiasm Organized Clarity Business-like Interaction

5 Enthusiasm Speaks expressively or emphatically
Moves about while speaking Gestures with hands and arms Shows facial expression Uses humor Reads verbatim from notes (negative!!!!)

6 Clarity Uses concrete examples of concepts Gives multiple examples
Use stories to illustrate a point. May involve “drawing a picture” Points out practical application Stresses important points Repeats difficult ideas

7 Organized Uses headings and subheadings Makes notetaking easy
Gives preliminary overview of presentation Signals transition to new topic Explains how each topic fits into the lesson or how a topic relates to previous instruction Topics have logical order

8 Interaction Addresses members of class by name
Encourages questions & comments Asks questions of students in class Encourages students to express opinions or ideas Use student experiences as examples

9 Business like Begins on time Proceeds at rapid rate
Stays on the topic – does not get distracted or sidetracked. States objectives Makes transitions quickly and easily Essentially, this is tied to effective use of learning time.

10 Other Characteristics That May Contribute
Variability Use of different teaching techniques (small groups, role play, brainstorm, etc.) Appropriate Feedback Quick feedback Descriptive, explain what is good or not good Use of Probing Questions Ask for explanations from students Ask the Why? Question – even when their answers are correct!

11 Summary Most of this information should not be surprising. The research confirms what many have believed about good teaching for a long time. But this also shows that some things are not as important as we may have thought. Example: Teacher warmth is not related to student achievement If we want to improve, the 5 major characteristics may be a good place to start.

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