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MOSCOW- MY NATIVE CITY Study-project. 1Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya.

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2 MOSCOW- MY NATIVE CITY Study-project. 1Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

3  Moscow is the capital of Russia. Our city is large and beautiful. There are many wide streets and large squares in Moscow. We were born in Moscow. We love it very much. The Old Arbat 2Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

4 The Cathedral Square National History Museum The Moscow Kremlin St. Basil`s Cathedral 3Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

5  This is the Moscow Metro. Last week we went to the zoo by metro. It was interesting. There were blue trains, big lamps and beautiful walls. We loved it.  It is a magnificent place. Many tourists come to the metro and always take photos of it. Moscow Metro 4Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

6 Lyublino We live in Lyublino and we like our district. It is very old. There are many schools, churches, hospitals and supermarkets. The local metro station is «Lyublino.» Apple- trees, cherry- trees, lilac trees and beautiful flowers are there too. This is a famous park «Kuzminki» which is both in Kuzminki and Lublino districts. There is an old church, and a country estate named after N. Durasov. We often go there with our friends in spring and summer and feed ducks from the bridge over the pond. We really loved it. 5Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

7 When we went to the Kremlin with our class last autumn we were amazed by the big red star on Spasskaya Tower. It is the symbol of Russia. There is also the Tsar- cannon which is very large. Boys liked it very much. We liked the Tsar- bell, too. There is a broken large piece of 10 tons near the bell. 6Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

8 The oldest museum in Moscow is Darwin Museum. We can travel there to the ancient life. There are dinosaur skeletons, which can move. It is really cool! We saw many remains of very old animals and could hear their voices. It was interesting! Darwin Museum 7Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

9 We`ll go to the Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after M. Obraztsov. We`ll see «An extraordinary concert.» It`ll be great! Then we`ll visit the Puppet Museum. The Moscow State Puppet Theatre 8Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

10 It is a great place! There are a lot of fish there. They are different colours and kinds: sharks, starfish and skates. People walk under the large aquarium. Children can watch fish play in the water. There are exotic animals and birds in the trees too. Oceanarium 9Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

11 Sports in our native city Adults and children have a lot of opportunities to go in for sports in our city. We jump, play volleyball and football. People can play hockey and skate at the stadiums and sports grounds. 10Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

12 My Native City. г. Москва Учащиеся 4 «А» класса Одеркова Софья Одерков Филипп Учитель английского языка Смирнова М.В. 11Smirnova M.V./Oderkova Sofiya

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