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Simi Valley High School Advanced Placement/Honors Informational Power Point.

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1 Simi Valley High School Advanced Placement/Honors Informational Power Point

2 What are Honors Courses? Honors courses are advanced courses for students that have shown excellent skills in a given subject matter. Honors courses taken at the high school level teach and reinforce advanced academic skills.

3 What are AP courses and What does the AP program do for students? -Advanced Placement courses are college- level courses -Students may earn a 5 point A and /or college credit -AP courses improve a students chances of getting into a competitive college

4 What does the AP program do for students? z-AP courses improve students writing skills and problem-solving techniques z-AP courses increase student confidence upon entering college and students are more likely to finish college in four years z-UC accepts extra grade points for 8 semesters for admissions

5 Courses offered at SVHS z-The following is a list of courses that we would like to offer, but not all courses are guaranteed to be on the schedule next year. z-AP and Honors is a student driven master schedule. z-Do not assume that the teacher will be the same from year to year.

6 AP Art History1hr/night AP Studio Art/ Drawing and Painting1hr/night AP Computer Science1-2 hrs/night AP Spanish1hr/night Honors Spanish30-45min/night Honors French30-45min/night AP Literature and Comp (12)45-60min/night AP English Language (11)1-2hrs/night English Honors 1160-90min/night English Honors 1030-60min/night English Honors 930min/night Homework Estimate

7 AP Physics1.5hrs/night AP Chemistry1.5hrs/night AP Biology1.5hrs/night Honors Anat/Phys1hr/night AP Government30min/night AP Economics30min/night AP US History1hr/night AP World History1.5hrs/night AP Statistics1.5hrs/night AP Calculus AB30-60min/night AP Calculus BC30-60min/night AP Environmental Science90min/night

8 Entrance into AP & Honors Courses 1.Visit the SVHS Counseling Website 2.Click the AP/Honors button 3.Login using your Student ID and Network password 4.Be sure you qualify for course by reviewing course requirements 5.Add courses to your shopping cart 6.If using a letter or recommendation to qualify, turn it in to the counseling office

9 AP Exams The College Board expects students to take AP exams in May for the AP courses in which they are enrolled Students must order AP exams and pay necessary fees on time Students must prepare for exams according to their instructor We encourage you to read the information available to you on the following website:

10 How are AP Exams Scored? Every examination receives an overall grade on a 5 point scale: 5-Extremely well qualified 4-Well qualified 3-Qualified 2-Possible qualified 1-No recommendation

11 Precautions 1.-Students who sign up first are not guaranteed a spot in a course. SVHS will try to provide every student who qualifies a spot in an AP or Honors course. However, when this is not possible, those who are most qualified will be given priority. 2.-Once the first day of school begins, students will not be allowed to drop AP or Honors Courses. 3.-Students who take AP are committed to taking the exam. 4.-Visit the College Board website. The important thing is to be well informed before registering for courses.

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