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Honors/Advanced Placement Information Night Information for the 2014-2015 Academic Year Dublin High School February 12, 2014.

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1 Honors/Advanced Placement Information Night Information for the 2014-2015 Academic Year Dublin High School February 12, 2014

2 Advanced/Honors/Advanced Placement Courses at DHS List of courses for the 2014-2015 academic year and information regarding college freshman selection factors is available at back table. It is also be posted on the DHS Counseling website. Other important information, such as the Advanced, Honors and AP course rubric and the Advanced, Honors and AP contracts will also be posted on this site.

3 Why take advanced coursework? Appropriate for students who have a special talent and interest in a particular course of study and wish to challenge themselves Academically prepares students for the rigors of college/university or further study in a particular area (i.e., Honors Chemistry prepares students for AP Biology or AP Chemistry) If a student performs well in the course, appealing to post-secondary schools and if in an AP course, student may possibly earn college credits. Honors and AP courses are “weighted” an additional grade point for grades of “C” or better, so may enhance GPA, depending on performance.

4 In other words…. It is better to take a strong set of classes and do well than over-commit and not do as well as possible. GPA is most important college selection factor. In general terms, no more than 3 Honors/AP courses are recommended. Each student is an individual; each family needs to take into account family and friend time, sports/volunteering/clubs and leadership activities, etc. Students subject to stress need to carefully consider their course selections.

5 Are entrance tests required? Yes, for English/Language Arts Advanced, Honors and AP courses, AP European History and AP United States History classes. Please see rubric for dates/times. AP U.S. History date was left off: 3/20/14 at 7:00 a.m. in Student Union Assessments are designed to screen for students who would be most successful in the class Only students who are seriously considering enrolling in courses that require a placement test are encouraged to test. Students who take placement tests with no real interest in taking the class may take away a spot for a student who would like to be in the class. Please see the Advanced, Honors and AP rubric online for further information about testing dates and times. Students will also be informed about test dates in their previous level course as well.

6 Pros and Cons of Honors/AP Coursework Pros Appealing to colleges and universities if grades are good Colleges/universities will allow up to 8 semesters of Honors/AP work to “bump up” GPA. Many students exceed 8 semesters of Honors/AP work. A cost of an AP exam is $110.00. A 3-credit course at a UC campus is $1,320.00. If student passes, can save time/money. Cons Level of rigor is higher than our already rigorous college preparatory classes Requires significant time/study commitment

7 Pros and Cons of Honors/AP Coursework Pros Excellent for students wishing to challenge themselves For AP courses, depending on the score earned on the AP exam, students may earn college credit. College credit is determined by each post-secondary institution. Cons A poor grade in an Honors or AP course does not “weight up” the grade. Nothing below a “C” counts. May not be possible to transfer out to equivalent grade level course or other elective.

8 Pros and Cons of Honors/AP Coursework Pros Students are encouraged to take Honors/AP courses in area where they have a real passion for the subject – not to look “good for college”. As a result, students in Honors/AP courses truly want to be there, have a strong work ethic and an interest in the material. Cons A strong showing in all academic courses is what will interest colleges the most. Higher grades in carefully selected courses show that a student can handle the rigor of the schedule. Lower grades in challenging courses may indicate that a student is not a good fit for this type of rigor. Not all colleges recognize AP credits, may have limitations on the number of credits accepted and may calculate GPA by unweighting weighted courses. There is no guarantee of an enhanced GPA.

9 Other considerations: Does the student have the time to commit to their classes? Does the student have good study skills and time management? Is the student taking this course for the right reason? Has your family had a discussion about whether this is a good fit for your student?

10 Placement in Honors/AP Courses Test scores, entrance testing (if required), grades, teacher recommendation, attendance, prior preparation in area of study are considerations. For some disciplines, will consider performance in other subject areas (math/science or social studies/English). AP/Honors contract

11 Highlights of Honors/AP Contract Some teachers may have their own contract in addition to the universal contract. Students turn in an individual contract to each Advanced, Honors or AP teacher by April 7th (NEW DATE). Students pay for AP test donations online with Total Registration at It is preferred that students do so at the start of the school year. Payments must be made by 3/7 in order to meet test ordering deadline requirements. Fee reductions are available for students eligible for or participating in Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Those students would pay $55.00 per AP exam instead of $110.00 per exam in May 2015. Students must inform counselor and the teacher of Advanced/ AP/Honors course if they wish to drop by April 7th. After that, they are held to their course signups. Not doing summer work is not an acceptable reason to drop an Honors/AP course.

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