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Managing Research and Policy Connection 16 th Metropolis Conference March 13-15, 2014.

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1 Managing Research and Policy Connection 16 th Metropolis Conference March 13-15, 2014

2 Knowledge, evidence and public policy Research and policy integration Gaps between the research community, service sector and policy makers Managing research-policy connection Concluding remarks Outline of presentation 2

3 Sound public policy rooted in evidence Evidence-based policy making (EBPM) driven by an informed and educated public Research is to create knowledge and to inform and advise EBPM is piecing information together and making sense  to ensure a rational, rigorous, consistent and systematic approach  to achieve intended outcome Evidence-based policy making as a governing principle 3 Knowledge, Evidence and Public Policy

4 Policy issues have become increasingly complex, giving rise to a growing need for research to support evidence-based decision making Many factors influence policy-making  Social values  Economic environment  Fiscal condition  Legislative framework  Institutional pressure  Practicality  Political will It is important that policy makers have the right information, pertinent, comprehensive and informative 4 Policy making is complex, dynamic and political Knowledge, Evidence and Public Policy

5 Government policy research function  A key component of policy advising function: knowledge creator and receptor  Essential for policy development and decision making  Provision of honest, accurate and practical information and advice Research community specialized in immigration, integration, diversity and labor mobility research Service provision sector who gathers first hand information and makes sense of it All serving to inform policy, hence managing research-policy connection is critical in order to make best meaning of research and ensure nothing is lost in the translation of a political process 5 Players in knowledge creation and mobilization Research and Policy Integration

6 The focus of policy research is on translating knowledge and evidence into policy advice, options and actionable recommendations - what, so what and now what (Dis)connection – three-way communication and info exchange  Research sometimes lack of applied, practical, practicable and actionable orientation  Research unaware of pressing policy questions and policy of available knowledge and evidence  Policy not well-informed of issues and problems the service sector encounters Multi-faceted and complex policy issues require a rigorous, comprehensive and holistic approach to ensure policy coherence – multi-disciplinary and multi- sector collaboration Policy decision making sometimes needs to act now, but research take time and may not lead to conclusive findings and evidence – research foresight 6 Potential disconnect and barriers to integration Gaps between Research, Policy and Service Sector

7 Visioning, long-term planning and communication important to effectively use research findings  Research community to anticipate and prepare for issues well ahead to deliver just-in-time advice.  Research to be tied to medium to long term policy agenda  Government to inform the research community of major policy questions enabling policy relevance  Government “in-house” research capacity necessary to receive and interpret the body of research and provide sound advice  Investing in data collection, standardization and dissemination to support research  Investing and engaging in research teams and promoting partnerships to bridge the gap between research and policy  Focal points to facilitate communication, collaboration, resource leverage and synergy between researchers, policy makers and the service sector 7 Visioning, planning and communication Managing Research and Policy Connection

8 Engagement in the full cycle of policy formulation Issue Identificati on Policy Research Policy Developme nt Program Developme nt Policy & Program Evaluation Engage External Partners –, NGOs, Provinces, Municipalities, International organizations, academia Policy Synthesis Descriptive Analysis Scenario Comparisons from Baseline Short term <1 year Policy Synthesis Short term forecasts Med/LT- 2 -10 yr Research on key issues Research on instrument choice Medium term Forecast Baseline Program design Program Implementation Performance Indicators Develop measurable performance indicators for programs Policy Evaluation Indicators of outcomes Foresight for major changes in e.g.: Scientific Knowledge Survey results Evaluations Managing Research and Policy Connection

9 Policy researchers need to  Interpret and present findings/synthesis in readable and understandable language to non- researchers  Provide evidence-based advice and implementable policy recommendations  Establish contact and engage in long-term collaborations with relevant ministries  Be an advocate, educator and demonstrator of the importance of research in policy making Policy makers need to  Appreciate the value of research and information  Be guided by curiosity and the passion to discover, rather than by opinions  Commit to policy making based on knowledge and evidence  Reach out to research community and service sector for information Service sector needs to:  Make first hand information available to researchers and policy makers  Identify major problems and issues  Be a partner in research 9 What we need to do … Concluding Remarks

10 Policies are shaped by the minds and the interactions of researchers and policy makers with their political masters Policy makers and researchers experience, expertise, ability and judgment are critical factors of success or failure Learn to “play politics”  Understand politics  Connect to key players and secure stakeholder buy-in  Be a good, simple and compelling story teller 10 Learn to “play politics”

11 Thank You! 11

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