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Waiter & customer roles

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1 Waiter & customer roles
At a restaurant Waiter & customer roles

2 HOW TO ORDER FOOD W: Are you ready to order? C: Yes, please.
I’ll have the… I’d like the… can / could I have the …?

3 GARNISH ________ you like that with _______ or a _______potato? Would
fries baked

4 COOKING YOUR MEAT ___________ would you like your steak? Rare Medium
Well done How

5 DRINKS And ________ drink? Water, beer, Coke, orange juice, please. WATER: Still or __________ COKE: __________ or normal? to sparkling? Diet

6 PROBLEMS I’m sorry, but I _________________
No problem, I’ll ___________ it. I’m really sorry, I’ll ___________ it back to the kitchen. asked for a green salad, not fries. change take

7 REMEMBER Want vs. I’d like / I’ll have… Steak VS. stick
Fries / chips / potatoes Rare Asked for Madam vs. madame


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