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Science Notes ~ Metrics.

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1 Science Notes ~ Metrics

2 International System of Units (SI):
standard system of measurements based on multiples of ten

3 Why do we use a system of measurements?
In science we need to have accurate and precise communication A measurement of “1” means nothing UNLESS it has units.

4 A Measurement Has Three Parts
The numerical value which tells how much The unit, which tells us what the measurements are in The type of measurement 25 cm VALUE MEASURING LENGTH UNIT

5 1. Liquid Volume: the amount of space a liquid takes up
Unit of measurement is liter (L) - Scientific tool use to measure liquid volume is a graduated cylinder - Example: 1 L = the volume of a medium water bottle

6 Read at the meniscus, lowest point of the liquid

7 Finding the Volume of a Solid…
A. Regular Shaped Objects (cube) Volume = L X W x H Volume = cm x cm x cm Volume = cm3 H E I G LENGTH T WIDTH

8 Example: Volume = L x W x H. Volume =3. 80 cm x 2. 60 cm x 3. 80 cm
Example: Volume = L x W x H Volume =3.80 cm x 2.60 cm x 3.80 cm Volume = cm3

9 B. Volume - Irregular Shaped Object…
Fill a graduated cylinder to a certain level with water. Next, put the object in see how much the water rises up. Then subtract the original level from the second water level to find the volume. 1 mL = 1 cm3

10 2. Length: the distance between two points
Standard (base) unit of measure is meter (m) Large distances measured in kilometers (km)

11 Smaller distances are measured in centimeters (cm) or millimeters (mm)
Use metric ruler or meter stick to measure length Example: 1m = distance from the floor to the doorknob

12 3. Mass: the amount of matter in an object
Matter is “anything that takes up space” Unit of measurement is gram (g) Large measurements are measured in kilograms (kg)

13 Scientific tool used to measure mass is a balance
1000 grams = 1 kg Scientific tool used to measure mass is a balance

14 MASS VS WEIGHT is the same wherever you are
Is defined as the force of gravity on the object Measured with spring scale Changes from planet to planet

15 PAN BEAMS Zero RIDERS POINTER Adjustment Knob

16 4. Temperature A measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of a substance The more the particles move the higher the temperature The less the particles move the colder the temperature Unit of measurement is degrees Celsius ºC Water freezes at 0ºC and boils at 100 ºC

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