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Good morning!.

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1 Good morning!

2 Who takes you to school? My mom takes me to school.
I go to school by my myself.

3 Who picks you up from school?
I go home by myself. My dad picks me up from school.

4 What does your mom do? My mom cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner.
My mom goes to work.

5 What does your dad do? My dad goes to work. My dad watches TV at home.
My dad plays football with me.

6 What does your grandfather do?
My grandfather plays chess. My grandfather dances with me.

7 What does your grandmother do?
Knitting My grandmother knits. My grandmother reads me stories.

8 What do you do at home? I read books at home. I do my homework.
I play computer games at home.

9 How do you help around the house?
I sweep the floor. I help my mom clean the dishes.

10 I clean up my room. I help my mom take out the rubbish.

11 What can you do in Singapore?

12 We can go sight-seeing. a) The Lion b) The Fish c) The Merlion

13 We can go to the… Night Safari

14 How do we get around the safari?
tram Malayan tapir We take the tram!

15 We can see many animals. leopard owl ? ?

16 Last week of English Corner Lucky Draw!
Next week… Last week of English Corner Lucky Draw!

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