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Freelancing – Translation and Content Training Programme for Language and Cultural Consultants.

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1 Freelancing – Translation and Content Training Programme for Language and Cultural Consultants

2 The Architecture Overview Skill Set Needed Methods of Acquisition Opportunities Quality

3 Training Module - Overview Historical Heritage of Translation Impact on Civilization Globalization and its impact on Language and Cultural Consulting Technologies Opportunities Challenges How to – acquire skills, market and sell those skills to earn and add value To sustain the earning and get new revenue streams

4 Skill Sets Needed Linguistic Skills – To read, write, speak, comprehend and communicate in one or more languages Cultural Sensitivity – the concept of cultural distance IT skills – To transform the skills into a specific digital format and communicate using digital medium Marketing Skills Project Management

5 Linguistic Skills To communicate from one language to another Samples Team Play

6 Cultural Sensitivity A one word case study (HomeAlly) Examples from Nokia and Google Brand name evaluation exercise for Siemens The concept of cultural distance

7 IT Skills Use of computers (and now mobiles..) Use of Editors – Microsoft word, Microsoft excel Adobe Acrobat TRADOS Specific Software Packages Use of emails

8 Project Management Skills Self-Management Commitment Project Parameters : Deadline, Format, Update, Communication Customer Engagement Trust Financial Management

9 Methods of Acquisition – Linguistic Skills Simply being born as a human. Wordsmith code in the gene To live, talk, work Reading Urge to communicate A special kind of habit of mind Reading, Talking, Thinking….. Everything that make us human

10 Methods of Acquisition – Cultural Skills Simply being born in a specific culture Hearing people in dream speaking in something that can be understood ! Finding a place too noisy in a place where we dont understand the sounds Strangeness Discomfort Wonder Amazement Sudden upliftment into something unknown Imaginary issues Acting

11 Methods of Acquisition – Project Management Everything is a project Translating a piece of text is also a project A project is always relative, i.e it relates to something else This relationship can be one to one, one to many, many to many, one to globe The space and time of a project varies It can be as simple as breathing or as complex as supplying content to Google in 10 languages Science and Art of Project Management

12 Project Management – Language and Cultural Consulting Projects Practical Examples (Asis will speak on specific and 24 hour old experience) Supply Chain Time and Money Value-Chain Protocols Examples from Corporate World Individual Teams – one project to be managed among each other

13 Quality-WQM10 Model Linguistic Timing Format Post Delivery Availability Quality Updating Quality Presentation Quality Comfort Quality Recording Quality Ethical Quality Full article by Pritam Bhattacharyya is available at

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